==Dont get me wrong i like the twilight saga but why is it such a big deal! this saga thing or phenomenom it just seems out of hand. an hour ago i was watching the jimmy kimmel live and dakota fanning was on it. she saiid once tht in her class she saw these girls waiting for new moon to come out but they had like quotes on their whole body from twilight! i thought tht was just a little over board. also once online i saw this vid and it was about a kid named gabe and he wanted dto meet taylor lautner he almost did and he was inches away but taylor lautner lef. jackson rathbone came by and saw the little boy crying bout taylor lautner not comin over and he told someone to bring taylor lautner over and he got hi ish. he met taylor lautner little gabe!! anyway theres so much drama and stuff and people in my opinion go way to far with this whole i luv jacob and edward stuff! but i'm still a fan just not a crazied fan it's interesting becuzz i seen twilight 6 times and new moon 10 times but i think tht tht's kinda over board i'm just saying this cuzz it's fun to write a blog kk i'll write more becuzz i'm bore hey tht rhymes aha

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