===the new movie Eclipse was awesome. i'll tel u all about it!
In the beginning they show Bella reading her book or diary and edward laying beside her. then bella lays on top of him telling him something. bella then notices that it was time for her to go home becuzz she was grounded. when she got home charlie told her that he was ungrounded if she spends more time with jacob and her other friends. when she agrees to her dad tells her that jacob has called and he wanted to talk to her. bella then leave to go to jacob but when she started the car it wouldnt turn on.edward was then there right beside her. she asked if he did this to her car.he nodded and brought bella inside(i think i'm not to sure). but thats all i'm goingto tell i'll tell u when the movie is on DVD or something or it's all odd and no one cares anymore(doubt it)!!! :)
i bet tht i'll watch it n demand when i get it on demand 10 times like i did with new moon and twilight!! ahahah

kk bye,


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