Hi my real name is Alix Stacey. Mercy Star is my made up character.

Her mate is Demetri. My
power is to move things with my mind.

Demetri tried to hide me but Aro found me and I was sent right away.

They decided that they were going to kill me.

On the night be for I was to be killed Demetri came looking for me.

He told me that he would not let them touch me.

We made out till Jane and Alec came looking for them.

When they came in they were not surprized to see Demetri with me.

They took me and Jane said to him I will tell Aro you were with her.

I looked at him with a sad face.

He whispered so low i bet they could not here.

He said Remember what I said my love. <3

I felt like crying but i could not i was a vampire.

In a second I was in front of the three ancient rulers there names Aro,Caius,and Marcus.

Aro spoke first he said My dear can you guess why your here?

I said Yes I can.

Then tell me.

I am here because Demetri hid me from you afraid you might not accept me but I belived you would.


Just them he pointed at Jane and Alec and Felix.

They came forward and Felix held me down.

Just when Jane smiled I saw Demetri walk in.

Demetri said I am sorry Aro but i am not going to let you kill my mate.

I have been waiting for him to say that it seemed like forever to me.

Aro looked too surprized that he said Why must you fall in love with a no talented vampire?

Demetri held out his hand and Aro took and blinked once.

Then he let go and said I see she is special.

He pointed for Felix to let go and held his hand for me to take.I did.

He asked me right away Do you wish to be with Demetri forever my dear?

I just shook my head.

Then you mush be in my guard then.

I just smiled.

Then I was getting carried away by Demetri.

We were happily togather forever in till the day we went to go kill Renesmee Cullen and whoever protected her.

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