Mercy Star after her change.

"After a after 2 centurys Demetri propose marriage.Then 5 centurys later Bella has Renessmee.The Vortire find out and wait till Ininia to come."

"Ininia my dear."Aro said

"Hello Aro."She said

"Why have you came?"

"I have came to tell you of a immortel child."


2 days later.....

"Demetri I still can't believe you gave me such a preety ring!" I said

"Thank you my dear love." Demetri said

"I love it."

He kissed me while carrying me.

Then all of a sudden I was in a field with the enemy.

Demetri holded me close

"Demetri I can't get though to them"

About a hour later Jane was using her power to get to them but too failed.

Then Alec but too failed.

A little later we Left in peace.

About a month later......

"I am ready Demetri."

"I know." He said

About a year later.......

"Demetri i want a child right know!"


"Then lets go get one."


We found one in the street crying with blood coming from its arm.

"It was abused." I said


"Can we."


We took care of it in till it was sixteen when Demetri changed her. Her name was Mary Bloody Star.

The End...........................

|name = Viktor Auren |birthname = Viktor Alexander Kristian Auren |born = June 9, 1993 (1993-06-09) (age 24); in Kokkola, Finland |nationality = Finnish |gender = Male |eyes = Dark brown |hair = *Dark brown

  • Blonde (dyed)

|height = 161cm |family = *Carolina Salmela (husband; 2011-present)

  • Kristian Auren (son)
  • John Auren (father)
  • Christina Frank (mother)
  • William Auren (brother)
  • Vilhelm Auren (brother)
  • Alice McWood (stepmother)
  • Michael McWood (half-brother)
  • Robert Auren (grandfather)
  • Elisabet Auren (grandmother)

|alias = *Viktor

  • Vikke
  • Mr. Auren
  • Viktor Auren
  • Vik

|Occupation = attorney

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