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  • I live in Mount Vernon Ohio
  • I was born on February 14
  • My occupation is Making Twilight Storys
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  • Kate and Garrett rocks


    November 17, 2012 by Kate and Garrett rocks
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  • Kate and Garrett rocks

    This is the story of Mary Bloody dauther Baine.'"''''

    "Santiago can we have a child like how my mother found me?"

    "Honey we are in Ireland not now."


    "I don't want to tell you so we will go look at 3:30am."



    "I don't got a scent of blood."

    "I do."

    They followed the scent to the crying baby begging for its mother.


    "Yes fine stop it."


    They took the child.

    "What should we name her?"Santiago asked



    "Cause Baine means paleness and whiteness she soon will have that texsure."'

    "Yes i agree."

    16 years later in Forks................................

    "Baine honey are you ready for your tranformation?"Asked Mary


    2 years later

    "Bye sweety."

    "Bye mom"

    I went to a beach called La Bu…

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    March 9, 2012 by Kate and Garrett rocks

    This is the day of Mary and Santiago married.

    "You ready dad?"

    "No not really."


    "Cause when i married your mother she was in no hurry now look at you."

    "Dad i love you too.But you do not now my love for Santiago now do you?"


    "Then stay out of it!"

    "Ok you ready?"


    "Lets get this over with oh one more thing."

    "What now?"

    "This is not like a human marrige ok?"

    "What do you mean?"

    "The Voltori now nothing of you so Santiago is going to have to show his love for you by saving you sweetheart ok?"


    "Good lets go."

    As we walked I worried.When we got there Santiago was waiting to take me in.

    "Why you making me fell guilty for this?"

    "Cause I am nevorse."


    "You ready?"

    Now he sounded like my dad.


    He opened the door and the middle one s…

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  • Kate and Garrett rocks

    Mary Star is the daughter of Mercy Star.

    '''''"Hey Santiago!"


    "Can you do me a favor?"


    "Can you tell my mom that me and you are going to go hunt togather?"

    "Sure why?"

    "Because if I tell her she will say no and you said you would!"

    "Ok then."

    2 hours later.........

    "Hey mom Santiago wants to talk to you."



    "Ummm can me and Mary go hunting this weekend?

    "Thats fine with me.Me and Demetri are going too."

    "Thanks Mom!"

    "Your Welcome."

    Inside Marys bedroom................


    "Your welcome. I have one quetion." Santiago said


    "Why are you always so cherry?"

    "Cause thats my talent."


    "Yes i get it from Didyme."

    "We must tell Aro!"



    "Im scared!"

    "Oh sorry."

    "Its fine."

    "So see you tomarrow?"


    "Bye Mary."


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  • Kate and Garrett rocks


    March 6, 2012 by Kate and Garrett rocks

    "After a after 2 centurys Demetri propose marriage.Then 5 centurys later Bella has Renessmee.The Vortire find out and wait till Ininia to come."

    "Ininia my dear."Aro said

    "Hello Aro."She said

    "Why have you came?"

    "I have came to tell you of a immortel child."


    2 days later.....

    "Demetri I still can't believe you gave me such a preety ring!" I said

    "Thank you my dear love." Demetri said

    "I love it."

    He kissed me while carrying me.

    Then all of a sudden I was in a field with the enemy.

    Demetri holded me close

    "Demetri I can't get though to them"

    About a hour later Jane was using her power to get to them but too failed.

    Then Alec but too failed.

    A little later we Left in peace.

    About a month later......

    "I am ready Demetri."

    "I know." He said

    About a year …

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