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It's no secret to Twilight fans that Breaking Dawn marks the first time that Bella and Edward have sex. In the books and in the movies, there's a lot of build-up to that climatic scene which eventually leads to the birth of Reneesme Cullen.

In the latest interview with EW, the director of Breaking Dawn states that he is putting all those powerful scenes out there for the fans.

"We shot everything -- whether it's the lovemaking or the childbirth -- as potent and powerful as it can be," he told the magazine. "It will be interesting to see whether there will be people who think it too disturbing for this universe."

Indeed, we know very little about Edward and Bella's sex scene during their honeymoon, although in the movie, it's said to be more idyllic and less "vampire-y," which will certainly fulfll all our fantasies.

What of Reneesme's birth? Could it get a little too violent for PG-13? What do you think Twihards?

Kate.moon 18:24, April 28, 2011 (UTC)

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