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  • Karli98

    I've just saw in THE SUN newspaper that Robert ended it at the weekend, telling her he just wants to friends. So far there haven't any comments from Kristen or Robert

    So what do you all think about this whole thing? Should he have got back with her in the first place? Is it over for good? Please leave a comment at the bottom

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  • Karli98


    January 5, 2013 by Karli98

    Okay I'm going to keep this short: I am currently writing a book and I need a few extras in it. The story follow a young girl and her two friends as they are throw into a world of mystery after the girls trouble brother is accuse of a crime he didn't commit. If you'd like to be in it or would like to submit a charter leave your name and a profile on the comments Thanks! :)

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  • Karli98

    Okay so for the past few months I've been reading about how there is a chance that there might be a twilight spin off (tv series not movie) so I bin thinking about a few thing it could be about and here are the best two I thought about:

    . A group of newborn vampires who were all created by a unknown vampire -who then left them-try to figure out why they were chosen for this life of bloodlust and hardships and what makes them so different from other of there kind.

    . After the events of breaking dawn Aro becomes obsessed with the idea of having a half breed of his own and waste no time finding a women to bear his child. Skip 5 years and not only does Aro have a daughter but so does cauis and let's not leave out Marcus's and Alec's sons. The st…

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  • Karli98

    Watch out

    December 11, 2012 by Karli98

    Hey everyone! Watch out in the New Years as me and a few friends will be starting a youtube show! We will taking about different topics each week. If you have something you would like us to talk about leave a comment.

    Thanks!!! :)

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