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For my sis, who's everything to me.

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I want to thank my (one and only) sizzie Cat, for always being there when I need you, and for being more then just family. We laughed our asses of together with PindaPatrick and more silly things. ; ) You helped me to survive when there was nothing left, you're my other half. When you read this I hope you realize that you make me strong. Without you I'd be nothing. Thank you for a life full of love, happiness and Sweet Goodbyes.

Sincerely, your loving Siz who wishes you a merry christmas and (another) happy new year <3.

JuliaCullenx (talk) 14:20, December 23, 2013 (UTC)

-Live your dream, but never stop dreaming-

If you have love, then spread it, and your world will be beautiful. So if you feel the same for a person, leave it in a comment, and together we'll make happiness.

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