I had an idea for an alternate ending to new moon which means that Jacob and Bella live happily ever after. (Unfortunately many characters die on the way and that was due to men saying that they wanted it with Blade.)


It starts in 16 when Jacob and bella arrive at bella's house. Bella sees the Cullens car and goes to investigates while Jacob Drives away. She arrives at the house and is confronted by three vampires and Victria. They are about to kill her but Blade, a vampire hunter, shows up and kills two of them. Bella escapes to the cullen car and finds Carlisle, Esme and Jasper dead. Bella finds Alice and escapes with her but Alice is killed by one of the Vampires with Victoria. Bella is almost killed by Victoria, but Victoria escapes when Jacob and the Pack arrive. The vampire is killed. Blade kills Sam and escapes. Jacob takes Bella home. Bella goes home in the morning and is almost killed by Blade who tracks her down. Jacob saves her and takes her to the doctors. They then return home and 'spend the night together'.

1 year later they have been living together. Blade returns and kills billy. Jacob, and after argument Bella, go hunting for him but Bella finds the Tanya, Carmen, Eleazar. They go and resurrect Alice. The Denali coven, Alice, Jacob and Bella all go to chase Blade. Bella is left out of the battle, unprotected, and Irina turns up, with Victoria. She begins to kill Bella but her and Victoria are forced to flee from Jacob. The denali coven take them up north and heal her. Jacob, Bella and Alice all go south and live together.

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