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November 18, 2009
  • JessieLovesStuff

    hey everyone,

    i was just looking through these pages and i had a thought... what if bella had chosen jacob, instead of edward? obviously bella wouldn't have had renesmee, so jacob couldn't have imprinted on her... also bella wouldn't have been a vampire, so she would be human. i wonder if she would have stayed with jacob, and grown old with him (if he stopped phasing) , or maybe she would change her mind and go back to edward? that would rip jacob apart...

    And where would edward be in all of this? would he stay in forks once bella had gone to jacob, or would he go away? maybe to the denalis? or maybe travelling on his own... maybe he would be unbelievbly depressed, but not say anything, as he knew bella was happy and he loved her that much h…

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  • JessieLovesStuff

    heyy everyonee

    i was just thinking about the twilight/new moon movies, and i was wondering does everyone think they chose the right actors for the roles?

    i think kristen steward is perfect as bella, and so is robert pattinson as edward, and taylor lautner is perfect as jacob! although i thought alice had black hair?? and emmetts hair is meant to be curly... i think carlise is good, and so is jasper. also, aro isn't quite like i imagined him, but jane is exactly like i imagined her :)

    i love wondering who they'll cast as renesmee, and seeing bella as a vampire, i just hope they make the breaking dawn movie! i'd be gutted if they didn't!

    so do you think they cast the right actors? and how do you imagine renesmee/ vampire bella? i know this is a b…

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  • JessieLovesStuff

    heyy everyonee :)

    is anybody on here team jakeward? (both team edward and jacob) i really can't decide so i made up a mix between the two! is anybody else like me or am i just weird? lol :D TEAM JAKEWARD!! :P

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  • JessieLovesStuff

    what do you think???

    November 27, 2009 by JessieLovesStuff

    hey everyone, i know this is a bit random but tell me what you think please? :)

             I whirled around, i could already feel my eyes clouding over. The little cresent scar on my left wrist burned. The moon was out, bright and sparkling. There was suddenly a haze in front of me, my vision weaker now. My senses took over. I followed the nearest trail of sweet, alluring scent, to find a small human girl, by her smell, i could guess she was about seven years old. Nothing in paticular crossed my mind as i reached over, took her hand, and bit her. Nothing at all. If i was human, this would have destroyed me. To doom a innocent human to be what i was for eternity, that was not me. But right now, at this one moment in time, i was not human. I ha…

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  • JessieLovesStuff

    New Moon

    November 21, 2009 by JessieLovesStuff

    I just went to see new moon yesterday ! i personally thought it was AMAZING!!! i wanna see it again!!!! has anyone else seen it? what did you think?? (:

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