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what would have happened?

hey everyone,

i was just looking through these pages and i had a thought... what if bella had chosen jacob, instead of edward? obviously bella wouldn't have had renesmee, so jacob couldn't have imprinted on her... also bella wouldn't have been a vampire, so she would be human. i wonder if she would have stayed with jacob, and grown old with him (if he stopped phasing) , or maybe she would change her mind and go back to edward? that would rip jacob apart...

And where would edward be in all of this? would he stay in forks once bella had gone to jacob, or would he go away? maybe to the denalis? or maybe travelling on his own... maybe he would be unbelievbly depressed, but not say anything, as he knew bella was happy and he loved her that much he wouldn't want to hurt her? and what would the rest of the cullens do? how different the story would have been...

anyway, i've rambled on for long enough now. haha, once i started typing, the ideas just kept coming! :L

anyway, what do you think? what would have happened? let me know...

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