hey everyone, i know this is a bit random but tell me what you think please? :)

         I whirled around, i could already feel my eyes clouding over. The little cresent scar on my left wrist burned. The moon was out, bright and sparkling. There was suddenly a haze in front of me, my vision weaker now. My senses took over. I followed the nearest trail of sweet, alluring scent, to find a small human girl, by her smell, i could guess she was about seven years old. Nothing in paticular crossed my mind as i reached over, took her hand, and bit her. Nothing at all. If i was human, this would have destroyed me. To doom a innocent human to be what i was for eternity, that was not me. But right now, at this one moment in time, i was not human. I had no choice but to bite her. Every instinct in my body was telling me to bite this girl. She hadn't done anything to me, but being what i was, this nameless monster that i had become, i needed to. Just like everyone else that i had bitten. The rules, the imaginary rules that commanded my body, told me to bite anyone i could feel that it was their destiny to become this creature. Once bitten, forever a creator. No getting out. No escaping. If my mind told me naturally that this human was to become what I am, then that was what happened. This trance that i was in, I figured out over the years was controlled by the  moon. When the moon was a cresent, my little scar would burn, and then i would be what I was now, creating more and more and more of mes. Just like this little girl. The proccess was almost complete, when someone called out behind me;

         " Wait! What are you doing?!"

Ah, another 'chosen one'. In a few minutes he would be what I am. I dropped the girl; she would be okay. I advanced towards the man, teeth bared. But wait. This man was different. My body was still telling me to change him, but now, my mind was telling me not to. This feeling spread all over my nerves, and I soon realised i didn't want to change him, i wanted to save him, even though the imaginary rules told me not to. I wanted him to survive, for at that moment, I knew. I knew that i loved him...

what do you think?? it's probaly rubbish, i have no idea why i'm even doing this, but oh well. i'm just curious :)

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