heyy everyonee

i was just thinking about the twilight/new moon movies, and i was wondering does everyone think they chose the right actors for the roles?

i think kristen steward is perfect as bella, and so is robert pattinson as edward, and taylor lautner is perfect as jacob! although i thought alice had black hair?? and emmetts hair is meant to be curly... i think carlise is good, and so is jasper. also, aro isn't quite like i imagined him, but jane is exactly like i imagined her :)

i love wondering who they'll cast as renesmee, and seeing bella as a vampire, i just hope they make the breaking dawn movie! i'd be gutted if they didn't!

so do you think they cast the right actors? and how do you imagine renesmee/ vampire bella? i know this is a bit random, but i'm just curious :)

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