It's so hard to choose between Edward and Jacob. Jacob obvously has a better body, but Edward was "the one", Bella's first love, the person who loved her from the beggining. Jacob was so nice, and he was there when Edward left, sure he left because he wanted to protect Bella but that is irrelavent. Jacob would have been there for her either way, but really... what about Mike Newton, he was there for Bella, Bella didnt need to go on a date with him or start a relationship with him, or anything like that, but she loved Edward and he left, Mike is not mature and has never felt "love" before, but he believes he's in love with Bella, so his feelings are obviously not as strong, and he doesnt suffer or go through "real" pain like Bella but, he believed he loved her, and she left, symbollically, she was there but not really "there." I think she could have been more of a friend to him and her other friends, because why would she wish the pain she's feeling on her friends?

I got a little side-tracked and off topic, but both guys love her, both their intensions are good, and they both want whats best for Bella. It's so hard to choose but I do believe she made the right choice, everyone ended up eith their soul mates and no one was left with a broken heart.

Jacob is a friend to Bella and that is really important in a relationship, I feel that with Edward, its intence all the time.


It's not often that you find two people that are your perfect match. But Bella did. And choosing between the two is one of the hardest decisons of your life, unless one of them got a head start... unless, you loved one before you got to know the other, unless you knew he was the one before you became friends with your second love. Your best friend now, yesterday's love, Jake may have never had a fair fight... but now, now that he's happy, now that he found "his" soulmate, i dont think he minds.

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