If Stephanie Meyer writes a book about rennesmee growing up then when would she have a romantic relationship with Jacob? Would she even have that kind of feelings for him? I thought she thought of him as more of a guidence or parental figure. And if she did generate romantic feelings fo him would they come when she was full grown, at the age of 7? Or would it be when she is actually 17? And how would Edwad and Bella cope with it? Would they be happy? Would the cullen family go back to the way they lived before? Going to school, staying out of other people's way? And all couple's? Would Jake join the family as another adopted sibling? Would his distinctive different looks be a problem? Jake looks like he's 25, will he be able to pull off being a sophmore? The only reason he pulled it off before was because he knew his peers and they saw his rapid goth and knew it was still him, but with new schoolmateswill he have to transfer as a senior and date rennesmee who will probably be able to pull of being a sophmore? Carlisle with his compasion and Esme with her love and support, will definatley let Jake into the family but they all, (though unrelated) look alike due to the fact that they are all vampires, will his different features cause a problem?

I believe that all will end well. And I personally think how they get there is irrelevant. Because everyone is with who their supposed to be with, everyone has someone to live with and be happy with. Put all of the problems aside and focus on the possative, everyone is happy, with someone they love.

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