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    I am DYING!

    Jeniffer Lawrence tweeted me back on Twitter

    Omg I am screaming of joy....AHH!!!!

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    Chapter 11: The Right Choice.

    This is just a little extra chapter to my my fanfiction. This is a Jacob and Bella episode. I dedicate it to all Jella and non-Jella's. One of my reader enjoy these types of chapter or one-shots. So, why not give her a treat. I will just say, if Bella is dull and emotionless in this fanfic, is mostly because the "great" Stephenie Meyrer made Bella like that. And so, I just felt to make her similar. I haven't read the books (Only parts, here and there.), so maybe my chapter may not sound like her. I tried, though. NOTE: No worries, the story will continue.....with more drama and action. Oh! And don't be surprise by some juicy and enormous cliffhangers.

    Now, enjoy.

    My knuckles hurted from the tiring day I was given. …

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    Chapter 10: The List Me-So-Liking-You Part 2: Unpleasant Visit

    Leah POV

    Well, now I'm dead.

    "Well-well, if it isn't Leah Clearwater." Irina said standing by the door. Her blue dress makes her hair looks outstanding, and those high heels make her look like the size of Bigfoot. It's not comfortable looking at her dress neatly, as I am in some rag burned clothes, smelling like ash. The warm blanket around me overwhelmed me, I missed my old bed. It wasn't a queen size bed. But I had some memories I will never forget. That bed was there since my childhood, that bed was where all my tears were soaked. That bed was where I shared with my brother quantibles time together. Now is all burned and gone. Now I have to sleep in a huge bed with multiples bl…

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    Chapter 9- My Not-So-Liking-You List Part 1

    You have got to be kidding me. In a matter of two hours I see myself getting burned and my house also. Then I realize I left my mom's clothes. Well Charlie, get your ass some working and give my mom so new clothes. Talking to her was terrible and annoying. "Are two fine, Leah?" she will say. Of course I will be fine, why the hell will I be talking to her if I weren't? So that leaves proof that being a mom ain't my stuff. I mean, have to change diapers? Have to feed it? I mean, I have Seth to feed, and that's alot for me. Plus, I don't even know if I can.....I hope not.

    Great. Half of my stuff burned, the house on ash, and now off to go live for a short while with the Cullen's. How worst can my life g…

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    Chapter 8: Irina Avenging

    Irina's POV

    Why is it so hard? Why can't this feeling in my heart wash away? Why is life hating me? What have I done? My mind was filled with a pool of questions and terribles memories. I have never felt the feeling of love before...until Laurent came to my life.

    He was the most interesting guy I have ever met. And to say, I was interested to him too. Each chat I had with him, my body starts to shaken. I didn't had to be a psychic to know waht will ever happen, each time we talked...we ended up doing a intimate and passionate love.

    Not to say he was romantic also. Even if he had no reason, he brought me flowers. Flowers I never see dying, because his love in attached to it. He will touch me delicately and caress me. The f…

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