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  • JasperandDamonhottestvamps

    Chapter 7: Te amo. Eleazar, te amo

    Carmen's POV

    The Cullen's house was a mess. Carlisle calmly panicking over how the fight with Irina and the wolves will affect the treaty. I hope it doesn't, I just want peace. I helped Esme with the dishes, as I had nothing to do. Tanya and Kate were discussing on what to do with Irina. Tanys has been saying if there is a way to calm her, maybe our cousin Jasper will be more around her, as Rosalie suggested. Though, Kate just says that the only solution that we won't get problems; is for Irina to leave us. I personally don't want her to leave. She is like a daughter to me....let's just say a rebel daughter. I just hope she will just find another mate and move on. Like I did, with Eleazar.

    I finished the dishes. I…

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  • JasperandDamonhottestvamps

    So I need last names for the Denali's. Since I am making my Fanfic and it is giong to include last names, as I am going to make a little guide since it is going to twist. I have been searching but I need to see what are your free to say what you want. Here is just one I have seen,imo.


    Tanya Silvergown

    Irina Kovac

    Kate Frisk

    Note: Terrible names, I tell me, please...pwetty please!

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  • JasperandDamonhottestvamps

    Chapter 6: The House On Fire

    Irina was intently looking at the glass bench, where she can see the dark forest. It was late at night, and everyone was downstairs discussing their problems. The visitors left to their houses after the feast. Irina thaught of an idea....a bad idea.

    "Hmm." She said to herself. "Irina you are such a genious!"

    She silently, without no one noticing left the house by the bench. She wanted to see of her plan will work.

    "More close they are from me.....the better the chance I will get revenge." She will say. She skipped, jogged, and run to the other territory. Where she wasn't even allowed to be in. She was clever, and she will leave a false trail to the guarding wolves to the west. She wanted to go to the east....where al…

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  • JasperandDamonhottestvamps

    Chapter 5: The Feast To Grind Your Teeth.

    "Well, since there are visitors that eat, we can have a little feast, right?" Esme said. She was intrigued by the idea of making food for visitors for the first time.

    "It's not like the majority eats, Esme" Rosalie interjected, annoyed ny the feast she will not even participate.

    "Oh Rosalie, the woman who will always bring me down when it comes to cooking.....the last time was when Bella came to meet broke me one of my favorites glass bowl.

    "Whatever happens....I'm freaking starving miss-"

    "It's Mrs." Alice said.

    "Yeah Mrs...." Embry replied rolling his eyes. Like I care- he thought. He grabbed a napkin and started playing with it.

    "Immature bastard." Leah called out.

    "I could be....but at least …

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  • JasperandDamonhottestvamps

    Chapter 4: Instinctive Irina

    " Don't you dare Irina! I had enough of your nonsense, they just came to visit. Calm down!" Tanya shouted. Emmett and Eleazar were holding on her tightly. Leah on the other hand, was furious.

    "Leah, I don't think is the time to make a show, stop it and leave," Jacob ordered. "Is not safe with you around here."

    "Oh well I am not the one acting like a freaking bitch, is this thing!" Leah said pointing at Irina.

    "Who the hell you are calling thing you ugly mutt!" Irina yelled. She escaped form the hands of Emmett and Eleazar and walk fast to Leah, but Kate got her fist first. Now everyone can see how Irina's hand is being electrified.

    "Either you stop Irina.......or you will be in more pain. What's the deal now?"

    "Fine, Kate…

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