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  • JasperandDamonhottestvamps

    Note: I know, this is getting long and all. Lots of chapters because my chapters are super small. Well, this chapter is REALLY important for what is coming next. We left off with Leah minding her own business, when she hears a scream. She recognizes the scream being the one of Seth. What happens now? See for yourself.

    Leah's POV

    "Seth!" I cried. My legs hurted for how fast I ran. Each second seems like a year, and this house looks huge to the fact that you can't get anywhere. My brother was screaming, something was wrong. I can feel it. I passed through the narrow hallways where I slipped, I stopped for a second to catch my breath. I quickly recovered myself and kept running to Seth's room. I got there in ten seconds.

    I opened the door and no …

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  • JasperandDamonhottestvamps

    Chapter 13: A Great Disaster

    Leah's POV

    Days have passed and I am still stucked here. The Cullen's were all great and nice to us, but I don't give a damn. A week here with a nasty scent and with Seth all around couldn't get worst. Yeah, he is my brother... but annoying. Irina, the little who- woman who keeps looking at me like if I am a physcho killer. If she is still with the crap about the dude that got killed, than she better deal with it. Is not like the world would end, right?

    " Leah, would you like breakfast, hun?" Esme said polite and with caution. I think she does not want to annoy me. I sometimes feel bad for her, she has been the nice-loving mother to all of us, after all.

    "Yeah, I guess so." I replied. She smiled and walked away, clos…

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  • JasperandDamonhottestvamps

    Well, bad news.... computer got a little virus. I would be here today and tommorow, since I am using my uncle's laptop...which sucks ass, just so you know.

    Something that has been irritating's myself and time. My fanfic is like not updating....I know. Because time sucks and really, I don't have time. Though, I know I will finish the fanfic for those who are in the need to know what happens next. No worries.....I won't rush into it and finish it just for the sake of finishing it. I would write at a normal pace and would keep the story to the point that would make sense for those who read it.

    Off of that, I guess I won't be in chat much. (I need to edit various things for a user here that offered me the favor) Not even in Twitter woul…

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  • JasperandDamonhottestvamps

    Well, like the title school is stupid.

    I have been so stress out lately. Project after project has been given to me. Family members came, have to be with them all the time. Why am I saying this? Well, matter of fact is. I may be abscent from this Wiki for like a week or so. Maybe less, who knows. I am trying to finish my projects in time. Because I am going to admit, I am a huge procastinator (Don't know if I spelled that right.~Lazy to check :P). Also, family members from my family country in Nicaragua are here. So, even worse. I have to be with them the whole time. That's why, I need to take a little abscent here from the Wiki. You know, family never letting you do your business and what not.

    My fanfic. Holding on to it. Sorry for …

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  • JasperandDamonhottestvamps

    Chapter: Gaining Trust And Revenge

    'Entrance Note: 'Okay, is been quite a long time since I haven't updated my Fanfic. So I wanted you to remember where we left off. The last chapter was more of a treat, I have to say. The main part where we left off was when Irina had a short discussion with Leah. Irina thinks she have gained the trust of Leah. Though, Leah know she is lying and that she will pretend to trust her. Now, Irina is going to get Seth's trust. Next chapter will be coming either tommorow or Tuesday. This chapter is going to be short, next one will be longer. This is just the beginning, I promise. Drama starts next chapter.

    Irina's POV

    Leah was more easy than I thought. Her denying stupid way of believing everything. She is a strange …

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