Chapter 1: The Newcomers

NOTE: NO Reneesme or whatever u call her

As usual, the dull Forks was raining today. The Cullens decided it was not the right moment to go hunting, even with the fact that their cousins are coming.

The Denali's sisters and Carmen and Eleazar, decided it was best to come and live with their long time friends. As in humans in Denali, Alaska were suspicious of their.....outcast manners. Tanya and Carlisle came up with the idea to be together. They will all help each other.

"I just can't wait!" exclaimed Alice. She was waiting in the front porch of the house with Bella and Jacob.

"I'm not sure about this..." Bella said, not being able to get over the fact that Tanya may still be interested in Edward.

"Me neither." Jacob replied. He was not sure whether to let even more vampires into Forks. Especially ones who wanted to kill him.

"Oh! Here they come!" Alice shouted, a shadow came into view of five figures. All at once, five vampires looking eagerly came swiftfullly to view. There was'nt to much bag. Three huge ones only.

"Tanya, is nice to see you!" Alice commented and ran to hug Tanya tightly.

"Nice to see you, also, Alice and ola to you guys." Tanya said.

"Hey." Bella and Jacob said in unison.

Carmen came to hug Bella and Jacob, happiness showing in her enticing face.

"Estoy tan feliz! Te extrane mucho, Bella!--Eleazar, come say hello to Bella."

The radiant man came and kiss Bella's arm, like a gentleman. He was wearing a tux, very odd if you came from the woods.

"Is Carlisle and the others here?" Kate asked, speaking for the first time.

"Yes! They are awaiting you guys in the living room." Bella answered.

The Denali's entered the humongous glass house. They hurried to the living room to be welcomed.


"Your here!"

"Pleasure to see you guys!"


"You're here!"

All the Cullens said at once. Rosalie hugged Irina, and Emmett high fived Eleazar. Carmen and Esme were already chit-chatting on how they will decorate the house just they way everyone will love.

Jacob got a phone call.

"Hello?" he said.

"Jacob, is that you?" Seth answered.

"Yes, what do you want, Seth?"

"Is it true that the Denali's are there?"

"Yes, why?"

"Sam is pissed..."

"They wont do any harm, Seth, I promise."

"Okay me, Leah, and Embry are coming to visit.....just in case." and Seth hanged up.

Jacob looked terrified and did not await the visit.

"Well, this is not going to be a good evening." He said.

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