Chapter 3: Vile Visitors

Esme looked intently at Bella. She was waiting for the door to flung open. Bella just stood there frozed and still. Esme rushed over and open it slightly, making it squeak.

"Welcome, welcome. Come on in,please." She gradually welcomed.

"Thank you, mo- I mean, Esme." Seth said.

Seth, Leah, and Embry walked in carefully. Hoping that any of the Denali's won't do any harm to them. Seth went directly to the living room and sat down by Carlisle. He knew it will mean safe for him. Leah,though, didn't care an inch. She lay back over the glass wall in the right-hand side of the living room. Embry just followed her.

"Welcome, bienvenidos! Is nice to see you guys." Said Eleazar calmly.

"Yes, we were awaiting you three," Carlisle passed on. Embry was the smartest that didn't want the visit to end bad, and so, he shaked hands with Eleazar. Even though, he knew the odds were'nt in his favors. Leah plopped down the love seat right beside her. She was more eager to see the "bitch" who wanted to kill her. She said it will be no match for her.

"Well, what pays your visit?" Kate asked leaning towards Seth. It was an umcomfortable movement for him.


"Kate, my name is Kate."

"Well you see Kate we just wanted to make sure everything will be fine around here in Forks, that's all."

"Well I don't see the point in that. We are a very civilized coven. I am sure we won't be a disappointment."

"Well then I guess we can go now..." Seth vociferated. He assured Leah it will be fine and Embry just believed him.

"Where do you guys think you are going?" Said Irina from upstairs. Leah was heading for her when Seth stopped her.

"Irina! I don't think is time for your foolishness!" Tanya weeped.

" You guys kill the only man I love! You should'nt even be alive!" Irina shouted pointing at the visitors. Leah was already angry, her knuckles became .

"He was an abolishment for our land......and so we killed him. And I can assure you blood sucker, that I was happy with my tribe that they did kill him." Leah replied. Irina eyes turn black as coal, her teeths were showing, and she was ready to attack.

"I don't think fighting will be the solution here." Jasper said trying to calm them down.

"Yes Irina! Calm down!" Carmen replied.

"No I will sure her a piece of her damn medicine." Irina said.

And she lunged for Leah.

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