Chapter 2: Perfect Persuading

"Is there something wrong, Jacob?" Esme asked concerned over Jacob's terrfied face.

"Ummm.....huh?" Jacob said.

"Is there something wrong?" Esme asked again.

"Well-see, how can I put this........Seth, Leah, and Embry are coming."

"Pardon me, Jacob."

"Yes, Esme, they are coming."

Jacob didn't dare to look on her eyes. He knew this will not end up well.

"Is okay Jacob; we can handle it-- I promise." Esme said sincerely.

She left to the kitchen where Carmen was. As Esme headed over there, she thaught it will be the perfect excuse to cook with Carmen now that some of the wolf pack are coming.

"Carmen I thing now is the great time to cook!" Esme said enthusiatic.

"And why is that Esme?" Carmed questioned curiously.

"We are going to have some special visitors, that actually eats human food."

"Who is coming?" Rosalie asked as she entered the kitchen, with Alice just an inch away from her.

"Yes who is coming? My visions are not functioning." Alice commented.

"Some of the wolf pack are coming..."


"And I assure you that they will not do any harm, Rosalie." Esme said not letting Rosalie speak.

Carmen stood there banked out. She had no idea how to react. She knew that they were not in good terms with them.......especially Irina.

"Esme, I think it will be best to inform Irina before something.....not expected happen." Carmen offered.

"Yes." Esme agreed.

The girls left the kitchen and went to the living room where the rest of the Denali's and Cullen's were located. They all looked confused on the vistors that will come. Carmen knew that persauding Irina will not be easy.

"Irina this is more entitled for you most of all-" Esme began. Everyone propped down everything they were doing to listen to her announcement.

"Jacob just gave me some news-" Esma said looking at Jacob, and then everyone else looked on him also. And from all means, he was not comfortable.

"He informed that some of his pack buddies are coming- Seth, Leah, and Embry"

Irina looked shocked and disgusted. She will not bare to see them at all. Not after killing Laurent.

"How dare they come! How dare they seek to hurt me more-those-those.......nasty perros!" Irina shouted from the top of her lungs. Her face was shaking with anger. Edward came towards her to calm her down.

"Don't you dare come Edward! I don't need any comfort. I want revenge. Revenge over those nasty mutts. And that includes you, flea bag!" Irina pointed at Jacob, and shoved of Edward's arm and ran upstairs. The last thing everyone could here was a big salm in the door.

"Well- that went well...." Emmett commented after an awkward silence.

"They are here!" Bella sadi by the main door.

The door bell ranged.

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