Oh my god, it has been such a long time! I miss this Wiki! I'm just here to say hi and I miss you guys! I finally got internet on my computer which is a relief, so I can be here and you know, be in update with all the amazing people I met here. You guys know who you are. Even the ones I haven't met, I am happy to see you.

Okay maybe I know the Wiki is kinda dead since sadly you guys know the Twilight Saga has ended. I see at least one movie a day (or sometimes I skip the movie to just the scenes where my lovely vampire is). If you don't know my favorite vampire in the series, well just look at my username. I mostly see Breaking Dawn part 2 because there are more interesting vampires like the amazing Garrett (Lee Pace is literally one of my favorite actors and *lotr alert* he will be Thranduil aka Legolas dad omg!) . (Maybe I am kinda weird on this but...) Can you imagine Jasper, Garrett, and Liam (I think that's him?) having discussions of war and soldiers. They would probably become friends since, let's be honest here, there were soldiers. (Especially Liam and Jasper who both sides lost the war). What am I saying this? You guys probably don't care.

To end this- not interesting- blog, I am happy to come back for a while, and I jusy want to cheer this Wiki up a bit. Though some of you may want to update me on what has been happening on this Wiki, for I have no idea.

Thank you!

JazzyAndDamon 13:28, March 26, 2013 (UTC)

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