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Happy 4th of July!

Well, this ain't a blog related to Twilight,lmao. I just wanted to say Happy 4th of July. I have absolutely no plans today, so I would be in my house. day,huh? Some may not live in U.S, so you may not celebrate nothing today. But for americans here, today everyone has flags all over the place, the only thing I have that is american; is a Captain America shirt,lol. How to make this a little Twilight relatable?

Maybe you can tell me how a certain character may celebrate this day.

Like, Jasper, he is obviously a patriot, he must have a Confederate army flag somewhere. Or Alice, the malls may not be open, so she must be freaking out.

How do you celebrate this day? Even if you are not an american, how do you celebrate your independence day?

Where I live they are parades, and they cancel TV shows for just that day, and they put movies on.

I'm bored, tell me something! Lol.

Love you guys, JazzyAndDamon

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