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Can't believe the fact that my school is beyond stupid.

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Well, like the title school is stupid.

I have been so stress out lately. Project after project has been given to me. Family members came, have to be with them all the time. Why am I saying this? Well, matter of fact is. I may be abscent from this Wiki for like a week or so. Maybe less, who knows. I am trying to finish my projects in time. Because I am going to admit, I am a huge procastinator (Don't know if I spelled that right.~Lazy to check :P). Also, family members from my family country in Nicaragua are here. So, even worse. I have to be with them the whole time. That's why, I need to take a little abscent here from the Wiki. You know, family never letting you do your business and what not.

My fanfic. Holding on to it. Sorry for those loyal readers. Though, as soon as I finish the disgrace of projects, I am sure to be back to it. But is just a short week, maybe two weeks. Or you know, less maybe I finish my projects in two days!

I have no clue if you guys will miss me for a couple of days, hehehehe. But still, Twitter will still be full of me. I mean...Android phone...Twitter app? So, those who have just say "Hey!", if you want.

Though, believe me. Three weeks left for me to go on vacation.....and projects? My school is dumb. I can be here today. But, tommorow better get my lazy butt to work.

Cya later, to these amazing Wiki people I know.

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