Well, bad news.... computer got a little virus. I would be here today and tommorow, since I am using my uncle's laptop...which sucks ass, just so you know.

Something that has been irritating's myself and time. My fanfic is like not updating....I know. Because time sucks and really, I don't have time. Though, I know I will finish the fanfic for those who are in the need to know what happens next. No worries.....I won't rush into it and finish it just for the sake of finishing it. I would write at a normal pace and would keep the story to the point that would make sense for those who read it.

Off of that, I guess I won't be in chat much. (I need to edit various things for a user here that offered me the favor) Not even in Twitter would I be in.... and is getting boring already. Sorry, but I get bored really easily. Well, got a signature....finally for the love of god. Ummm.....I guess this is a temporary goodbye from chat. I would come here by my I may comment on stuffs...I mean...I won't be THAT dead from this Wiki. And no, I don't get bored from this Wiki easily, is just Twitter, Facebook etc.


Love you guys!

-- JazzyAndDamon 00:38, June 7, 2012 (UTC)

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