Wovenrei was huge, green, and gorgeous. Gigantic hills swept from side to side, all the way to the mountains. There were trees that stood tall, like protecters of the castle I was in.
    “Welcome Back Leaha!” Annett yelled up to me.
    I climbed down to the balcony where she was standing, so I could talk to her more easily.

i took out a bit and here is the part where she finds out that she isn't the only human in Wovenrei

I opened my eyes and almost jumped.
    A tall boy with dark, sweeping hair, deep blue eyes, and a slipping smile on his face walked passed carrying something. I didn’t notice what he was carrying. I just saw him. We were the only two in Wovenrei at that moment. I liked him.
    I almost fell to the floor, trying to get back into my room, which was spinning out of control. I was dizzy. Really dizzy.
    “Whoa.” I gasped.

yeah cheezy i know but it's ok right?

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