So sorry it has taken me so long to write more... :-) plz comment!!!

@ this point her and Leaha and her mother are at the mall...

So, we split up, and she told me to text her if anything went wrong, and “Scream if anyone tries take you. And don’t talk to strangers,” the normal lecture for when we split up at the mall. I left, she waved, and I was still thinking about what to get Felix. I was puzzled and frustrated. I had never gotten a boy a gift before, and I had absolutely no idea. I took my pitiful list out of my front pocket, crinkled it up and threw it in the nearest trash can. Naturally, I missed so I had to go over to it, pick it up off the dirty Mall floors, and put it directly into the big wire bucket.

   At that moment, a huge man came out from behind the can.

Chapter 5

I wasn’t exactly sure what happened after the man popped out. I think the facts are these: -I was grabbed. -I didn’t even have time to scream. He clenched his hand over my mouth before I could. -I struggled and almost caught loose, but I couldn’t. -I was put into a big, black van. -They didn’t know I had my cell. Or did they?

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