• Jacob's Imprintee

    I never thought I would like Twilight... I thought it was just plain stupid! I didn't want to read books about vampires! I never knew why people liked it so much... All my freinds were reading it and I became clueless. My mom was watching an Opra show about Twilight and she said I should give the books a try. I did and finished it within 5 days. Then I went on and finished the series. My mom bought me the series for my birthday and reread it over and over again. I then borrowed the movie "Twilight" from a family friend and liked it so much that I bought it myself. Then i saw "New Moon" in the theaters and bought it on D.V.D. too. I became obsessed! I just recently saw Eclipse in the theaters and can't wait to get it on D.V.D.!!! I am so ex…

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