First of all, I am NOT insulting Twilight. I just want to know the truth. "What truth?", you ponder. Well, you see, I want to know what makes Twilight great. It's a long story about how I got to this point, so I'll keep it brief:

It all started some time ago. I was peacefully browsing through the internet until I found something about comparing Harry Potter and Twilight. Well I've read Harry Potter and I think it's pretty cool, so naturally I was against anything that would oppose it. And thus, my dislike for Twilight began. After this event, it would be awhile before I was forced to confront Twilight again.

'Twas just recently that one of the girls in my class started reading Twilight. I guess she went around and told her friends, and soon more than half the class was reading this book. Why, even the teacher was indulged in this activity! Nevertheless, I kept strong with my opinion. Recently, I found out of the existence of this wiki. When I did, my initial thought was to leave a few nasty comments, and that's what I did. Of course, I was blocked.

During my prison time, I realized that just posting down random trash wasn't going to help. So I decided to find out why people like it so much. And that is why I called you here today. I want to know why you all love Twilight, and I might give it a chance. Now I'm NOT saying that I will become an all-time Twilight fan, because I won't. I don't just easily become fans of stuff, I have to know the ups, down, lefts, rights, and intermediate directions of whatever it is that I'm learning about. And so people, share your knowledge with me. "What makes Twilight so great?"

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