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[first lines]

Isabella Swan: [narrating] I'd never given much thought to how I would die... But dying in the place of someone I love seems like a good way to go. Charlie Swan: ...your hair's longer Isabella Swan: Hmm? I cut it since the last time I saw you. Charlie Swan: Oh. I guess it grew out again. Billy Black: See, I told you she'd love it. I'm down with the kids. Charlie Swan: Oh, yeah, dude. You're the bomb. Isabella Swan: I'm kind of the “suffer in silence” type.

Eric Yorkie: Whoa whoa! Chillax! No feature!

Jessica Stanley: Hey you're from Arizona right? Isabella Swan: Yeah. Jessica Stanley:Aren't people from Arizona supposed to be like, really tan? Isabella Swan: Yeah, maybe, that's why they kicked me out.

Eric Yorkie: Hey, Mikey - you met my home girl, Bella Mike Newton: Oh, you-yo-your home girl? Eric Yorkie: Yeah. Mike Newton: Yeah? Mike Newton: My girl. [kissed Bella's cheek, and pulls Mike's chair out from under him] Tyler Crowley: Sorry I had to ruin your game, Mike. Jessica Stanley: Oh, my God, it's like, the first grade all over again, you're the shiny new toy...

Angela Weber: Smile! [Takes a photo] Isabella Swan: Okay. Angela Weber: Sorry, I needed a candid for the feature Eric Yorkie: The Feature's dead Angela, don't bring it up again! Isabella Swan: It's okay, I just... Eric Yorkie: I-I got your back baby. Angela Weber: I guess we'll just run another editorial on...Teen Drinking... Isabella Swan: You know, you could always go for...eating disorders? Speedo padding on the swim team. Angela Weber: Actually, that's a good one... Jessica Stanley: Kirk right? Angela Weber: Kirk. Jessica Stanley: That's exactly what I thought. Angela Weber: We're talking "Olympic Sized". Jessica Stanley: There's no way, he's so skinny, it doesn't make sense. Angela Weber: Totally.

Isabella Swan: Who are they? Angela Weber: The Cullens.Twilight Quotes Jessica Stanley: They're, um, Dr. and Mrs. Cullen's foster kids. They moved down here from Alaska, like, a few years ago. Angela Weber: They kinda keep to themselves. Jessica Stanley: Yeah 'cause they're all together, like TOGETHER together. Uh, the blonde girl, that's Rosalie, and the big dark-haired guy, Emmett, they're like a thing. I'm not even sure that's legal. Angela Weber: Jess, they're not actually related. Jessica Stanley: Yeah, but they live together. It's weird...and, okay, the little dark-haired girl is Alice. She's reallyweird, and um...she's with Jasper, the blonde one who looks like he's in pain. I mean, Dr. Cullen's like this foster dad slash match maker. Angela Weber: Maybe he'll adopt me.

[Edward enters school cafeteria] Isabella Swan: Who's he? Jessica Stanley: That's Edward Cullen. He's totally gorgeous, obviously. But apparently, no one here is good enough for him. Like I care. Anyway, don't waste your time. Isabella Swan: I wasn't planning on it.

[to Bella] Eric Yorkie: So I was wondering...if you have a...a da... [shakes wet hat over Bella's head] Mike Newton: 'Sup Arizona? How you likin' the rain, girl? Eric Yorkie: Yeah, Mike, you're real cute. You know that?

[Edward pushes microscope towards Bella] Edward Cullen: Ladies first. Isabella Swan: You were gone. Edward Cullen: Yeah, um, I was out of town for a couple of days, personal reasons. [Bella pushes microscope towards Edward] Isabella Swan: Uh, prophase. Twilight QuotesEdward Cullen: Do you mind if I uh, look? [Bella shakes her head] Edward Cullen: It's prophase. Isabella Swan: Like I said. Edward Cullen: So you enjoying the rain? [Bella laughs] Edward Cullen: What? Isabella Swan: You're asking me about the weather? Edward Cullen: Yeah, I-I guess I am. Isabella Swan: Well, I don't really like the rain. Any cold, wet thing I don't really... [Edward laughs] Isabella Swan: What? Edward Cullen: Nothing uh... [laughs] Edward Cullen:'s uh, anaphase. Isabella Swan: You mind if I check? Edward Cullen: Sure. Isabella Swan: Anaphase. Edward Cullen: [smiles] Like I said. Edward Cullen: If you hate cold and rain, why move to the wettest place in the continental U.S. Isabella Swan: It's complicated. Edward Cullen: I'm sure I can keep up.

Edward Cullen: Why didn't you move with your mother and Phil? Isabella Swan: Well, Phil's a minor league baseball player, and uh, he travels a lot, and my mom s-stayed home with me, but I knew it made her unhappy, so I figured I'd stay with my dad for a while. Edward Cullen: And now you're unhappy. Isabella Swan: No. Edward Cullen: I'm sorry, I'm just...I'm just trying to figure you out, you're very difficult for me to read. Isabella Swan: Hey did you get contacts? Edward Cullen: No. Isabella Swan: Your eyes were, black the last time I saw you, and now they're like, golden brown... Edward Cullen: Yeah I know it's the uh, it's the flourescents, um. Ugh. [Edward suddenly walks away]

[After Edward stops Tyler's van's from hitting Bella] Tyler Crowley: Bella I'm so sorry I panicked! Isabella Swan: Can I talk to you for a minute? [Edward walks away from Carlisle and Rosalie and walks over to Bella] Edward Cullen: What? Isabella Swan: How, how did you get over to me so fast?Twilight Quotes Edward Cullen: I was standing right next to you Bella. Isabella Swan: No. You were next to your car, across the lot. Edward Cullen: No I wasn't. Isabella Swan: Yes you were. Edward Cullen: Bella you hit your head. I think you're confused. Isabella Swan: I know what I saw. Edward Cullen: And what exactly was that. Isabella Swan: You- you stopped the van. You pushed it away with you hand. Edward Cullen: Well, nobody's going to believe you so. Isabella Swan: I wasn't going to tell anybody. I just need to know the truth. Edward Cullen: Cant you just thank me and get over it. Isabella Swan: Thank you. Edward Cullen: You're not going to let this go are you? Isabella Swan: No. Edward Cullen: Well then I hope you enjoy disappointment.

Isabella Swan: [narrating] That was the first night I dreamed of Edward Cullen...

Mike Newton: Look at you, huh? You're ALIVE!

Edward Cullen: What's in Jacksonville Isabella Swan: How did you know about that? Edward Cullen: You didn't answer my question Isabella Swan: Well, you don't answer any of mine so...I mean you don't even say hi to me. Edward Cullen: Hi. Isabella Swan: Are you going tell me how you stopped the van? Edward Cullen: Yeah. I had an adrenaline rush. It's very common. You can google it Isabella Swan: Floridians. That what's in Jacksonvill... Edward Cullen: At least would you watch where you walk? Edward Cullen: Look, I'm sorry if I'm being rude all the time. I just think it's the best way.

Jessica Stanley: Bella! Guess who just asked me to prom. I totally thought Mike was gonna ask you, actually. Um, it's not gonna be weird though, right? Isabella Swan: No, no. Zero weirdness. You guys are great together. Jessica Stanley: I know, right?

Edward Cullen: Bella we...we shouldn't be friends. Isabella Swan: You really should have figured that out a little earlier. I mean why didn't you let the crush me and saved yourself all this regret. Edward Cullen: What you think I regret saving you? Isabella Swan: I can see that you do. I just...I don't know why. Edward Cullen: [furious] You don't know anything.

Edward Cullen: Edible art? [Bella knocks over the apple and Edward kicks it up and catches it] Edward Cullen: Bella. Isabella Swan: Thanks. You know your mood swings are kinda giving me whiplash. Edward Cullen: I only said it'd be bettTwilight Quoteser if we weren't friends, not that I didn't wanna be. Isabella Swan: What does that mean? Edward Cullen: It means if you were smart, you'd stay away from me. Isabella Swan: Okay well let's say for argument sake that I'm not smart, would you tell me the truth? Edward Cullen: No probably not. [Bella turns away slightly angry] Edward Cullen: I'd rather hear your theories. Isabella Swan: I have considered radioactive spiders and kryptonite. Edward Cullen: That's all superhero stuff right? But what if I'm not the hero? What if I am the bad guy? Isabella Swan: You're not. I can see what you're trying to put off, but I can see that it's just to keep people away from you. It's a mask.

Jessica Stanley: You guys should keep Bella company. Umm...her date bailed. Eric Yorkie: What date?

Isabella Swan: So what are they really? Jacob Black: It's just a story, Bella.

Edward Cullen: I should go back there and rip those guys' heads off. Isabella Swan: Um...No, you shouldn't. Edward Cullen: You don't know the vile, repulsive things they were thinking. Isabella Swan: And you do? Edward Cullen: It's not hard to guess. Edward Cullen: Can you talk about something else? Distract me so i won't turn around. Isabella Swan: You should put your seat belt on. Edward Cullen: [Edward Laughs] should put your seat belt on!

Isabella Swan: Look, You gotta give me some answers. Edward Cullen: Yes. No. To get to the other side. Uh, 1.77245... Isabella Swan: I don't want to know what the square root of pi is. Edward Cullen: You knew that? Isabella Swan: Did you follow me? Edward Cullen: I...I feel very protective of you. Isabella Swan: So you followed me. Edward Cullen: I was trying to keep a distance unless you needed my help and then I heard what those low-lives were thinking. Isabella Swan: Wait. You say you heard what they were thinking? Isabella Swan: So what read minds? Edward Cullen: I can read every mind in this room apart from yours. There's...Money. Sex. Money. Sex. Cat...And then you, nothing. That's very frustrating. Isabella Swan: Is there something wrong with me? Edward Cullen: See...I tell you I can read minds and you think there's something wrong with you? Isabella Swan: What is it? Edward Cullen: I don't have the strength to stay away from you anymore. Isabella Swan: Then don't.

Isabella Swan: You're impossibly fast and strong. Your skin is pale white and ice cold. Your eyes change color...and sometimes you speak like, like yTwilight Quotesou're from a different time. You never eat or drink anything. You don't go out in the sunlight. How old are you? Edward Cullen: Seventeen. Isabella Swan: How long have you been seventeen? Edward Cullen: A while. Isabella Swan: I know what you are... Edward Cullen: Say it, out loud, say it. Isabella Swan: Vampire. Edward Cullen: Are you afraid? Isabella Swan: No.

Isabella Swan: It's like're beautiful. Edward Cullen: Beautiful? This is the skin of a killer, Bella...I'm a killer. Isabella Swan: I don't believe that. Edward Cullen: That's because you believe the lie. The camouflage. I'm the world's most dangerous predator. Every thing about me invites you in. My voice, my face, even my smell. As if I would need any of if you could out run if you could fight me off. I'm designed to kill. Isabella Swan: I don't care. Edward Cullen: I've killed people before. Isabella Swan: It doesn't matter. Edward Cullen: I wanted to kill you. I've never wanted a human's blood so much in my life. Isabella Swan: I trust you. Edward Cullen: Don't.

Edward Cullen: My family, we're different from others of our kind. We only hunt animals. We've learned to control out thirst but it's you, your scent, it's like a drug to me. You're like you're my own personal brand of heroin. Isabella Swan: Why did you hate me so much when we met? Edward Cullen: I did, only because of wanting you so badly. I still don't know if I can control myself. Isabella Swan: I know you can.

Edward Cullen: I can't read your mind. You have to tell me what you're thinking. Isabella Swan: That I'm afraid. Edward Cullen: Good. Isabella Swan: I'm not afraid of you. I'm only afraid of losing you, like you're going to disappear. Edward Cullen: You don't know how long I've waited for you. Edward Cullen: And so the lion fell in love with the lamb. Isabella Swan: What a stupid lamb. Edward Cullen: What a sick, masochistic lion. Isabella Swan: [narrating] About three things I was absolutely positive. First, Edward was a vampire. Second, there was a part of him, and I didn't know how dominant that part might be, that thirsted for my blood. And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him. Isabella Swan: You know everybody's staring? Edward Cullen: Not that he just looked. I'm breaking all the rules now anyway. Since I'm going to hell... [puts arm around Bella] [Edward jumps down off the roof of Bella's truck] Isabella Swan: Could you act human? Okay, I have neighbors. Edward Cullen: I'm gonna take you to my place tomorrow. [Pulls dent in Bella's truck back into correct place] Isabella Swan: Thanks... Er, wait, like with your family? Edward Cullen: Yeah. Isabella Swan: Wh...what if they don't like me? Edward Cullen: So you're worried, not because you'll be in a house full of vampires, but because you think they won't approve of you? [laughs] Isabella Swan: I'm glad I amuse you. Billy Black: [to Bella] Actually we came to visit your flat-screen. First Mariners game of the season. Plus Jacob here kept bugging me to see you again. First, plus Jacob here keeps bugging me about seeing you again. Jacob Black: Great, Dad. Thanks. Billy Black: Just keepin' it real, son. Edward Cullen: What did you expect? Coffins and dungeons and moats? Isabella Swan: No, not the moats. Edward Cullen: Not the moats. Rosalie Hale: Is she even Italian? Emmett Cullen: Her name is Bella. Dr. Carlisle Cullen: I'm sure she'll love it no matter what. Rosalie Hale: Get a whiff of that. Rosalie Hale: Here comes the human. Edward Cullen: Just ignore Rosalie. I do. Rosalie Hale: Yeah! Let's just keep pretending like this isn't dangerous for all of us. Isabella Swan: I would never tell anybody anything. Dr. Carlisle Cullen: She knows that. Emmett Cullen: Yeah, well the problem two have gone public now so... Esme Cullen: Emmett! Rosalie Hale: No, she should know. The entire family will be implicated if this ends badly. Isabella Swan: Badly as in...I become the meal. [looks at the graduation caps on the wall] Isabella Swan: Graduation caps? Edward Cullen: Uh yeah. It's a private joke. We matriculate a lot. Edward Cullen: Uh, yeah this is my room. Isabella Swan: No bed? Edward Cullen: Ah no I don't, I don't sleep. Isabella Swan: Ever? Edward Cullen: No, not at all. Isabella Swan: Ok, hmmm. Boy you have so much music, what were you listening to? Edward Cullen: It's Debussy. Isabella Swan: Clair de Lune is great.

Edward Cullen: What? Isabella Swan: I can't dance Edward Cullen: Hmm...Well, I could always make you. Isabella Swan: I'm not scared of you. Edward Cullen: [laughs] Well you really shouldn't have said that. Edward Cullen: You better hold on tight, spider monkey. [climbs up tree] Edward Cullen: Do you trust me? Isabella Swan: In theory... Edward Cullen: Then close your eyes. [Jumps to next tree and climbs to top making Bella gasp] Edward Cullen: What? Isabella Swan: This isn't real. This kind of stuff just doesn't exist. Edward Cullen: It does in my world. Mike Newton: You and Cullen huh? [Bella nods] Mike Newton: I don't like it. He looks at you're something to eat.

[handing a plate to the author of 'Twilight', Stephanie Meyer] Cora: Here's your veggie plate, Stephanie. Isabella Swan: How did you get in here? Edward Cullen: The window. Isabella Swan: Do you do that a lot? Edward Cullen: Just the past couple of months. I like watching you sleep. It's ah, it's kind of fascinating to me.

Edward Cullen: Um...I just wanna try one thing. Edward Cullen: Just stay very still...don't move. Edward Cullen: I can't ever lose control with you.

[after Emmett catches the baseball by climbing a tree] Rosalie Hale: My monkey man! [to Bella as they sense the trackers arriving] Edward Cullen: Put your hair down. Rosalie Hale: [scoffing] Like that'll help. I can smell her from across the field. Victoria: I'm the one with the wicked curve ball. Jasper Hale: Oh well I think we can handle that. [catches Bella's scent from across the field] James: brought a snack. Edward Cullen: James is a tracker. The hunt is his obsession, I read his mind and my reaction in the filed set him off. I just made this his most exciting game ever. He's never gonna stop! Charlie Swan: Did he hurt you? Isabella Swan: No. Charlie Swan: Break up with you or something? Isabella Swan: No, I-I broke up with him. Charlie Swan: I thought you liked him? Isabella Swan: Yeah, that's why...that's why I have to leave. I don't want this. I have to go home. Charlie Swan: Home...your mom is not even in Phoenix. Isabella Swan: She'll come home. I'll call her from the road. Charlie Swan: You're not going to drive home right now. You can sleep on it. If you still feel like going in the morning, I'll take you to the airport. Isabella Swan: N-No I want to drive, it will give me more time to think. And if I get really tired, I'll pull into a motel. I promise. Charlie Swan: Look, Bella, I know I'm not that much fun to be around, but I can change that. We can do more stuff together. Isabella Swan: Like what? Like watch baseball on the flat screen? Eat at the diner every night? Steak and cobbler. Dad, that's you, that's not me. Charlie Swan: Bella, come on. I-I just got you back. Isabella Swan: Yeah, and you know if I don't get out now, I'll just be stuck here like mom. [after Edward asks her to put on Bella's coat to distract James] Rosalie Hale: Why? What is she to me? Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Rosalie Bella is with Edward. She's a part of this family now, and we protect our family. Edward Cullen: Bella you are my life now. Isabella Swan: [narrating] I can't bring myself to regret the decisions that brought me face to face with death...they also brought me to Edward.

James: That's my favorite part. You were a stubborn child, weren't you?

[speaking to Bella, after breaking her leg in the ballet studio] James: Tell Edward how much it hurts! Tell him to avenge you! Tell him! TELL HIM!

James: You're alone...because you're faster than the others. But not stronger. Edward Cullen: I'm strong enough to kill you. [puts hand on Edward's shoulder when Edward is attacking James] Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Son. Enough. Remember who you are. Bella needs you. Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Try to suck the venom out. Edward Cullen: You know I won't be able to stop! Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Then find the will to stop or choose. She only has minutes left. Edward Cullen: I'll make it go away, Bella. I'll make it go away. [while Edward is sucking the venom and blood out of Bella] Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Edward, stop. Her blood is clean. You're killing her. Edward stop. Stop. Find the will. Isabella Swan: [narrating] Death is peaceful, easy. Life is harder. [freaking out to Edward at the hospital] Isabella Swan: We can't be apart. You can't leave me! Edward Cullen: I'm here. Isabella Swan: Ok just don' just can't stay stuff like that to me. Ever. Edward Cullen: Where else am I gonna go? [he leans in to kiss her forehead] Edward Cullen: I leave you alone for two minutes and the wolves descend. Edward Cullen: See? You're dancing.

Edward Cullen: So that's what you dream about? Being a monster? Isabella Swan: I dream about being with you forever.

Edward Cullen: Is it not enough just to have a long and happy life with me? Isabella Swan: Yeah, for now...

[Last lines] Isabella Swan: No one will surrender tonight, but I won't give in. I know what I want.

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