Ever since Kristen cheated on Rob in the summer of 2012, their relationship has been struggling. Join us as we look at the moments and missteps that have led the couple to their sad, expected end.

The world was shocked by news that Twilight heroine Kristen Stewart had cheated on rumored boyfriend Robert Pattinson with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders in the summer of 2012. Not only had the esteemed actress broken up a marriage, she had betrayed the trust of her co-star and lover! Since the indiscretion, she and Rob have struggled to regain their intimacy, but the relationship has faced its share of struggles. With the pair’s love seemingly doomed, let’s take a look back at what led them to this sad end.

News that Kristen, 22, had cheated on Rob, 26, with her much-older director broke in early July of 2012. Since then, Kristen put on the full-court press, trying to win her betrayed beau back. But she may have pushed too hard. The actor had asked for space, as he was trying to get over his anger, but Kristen seemed to find that difficult, even appearing in public wearing Rob’s clothes! Robert Pattinson Pulled Away From Kristen Stewart

With intense media scrutiny in the days and weeks following the news, Rob drifted away from Kristen, leaning, instead, on female friends like Katy Perry. During the initial break, the couple also bickered over petty things, like the custody of houseplants.

The Cosmopolis star, still reeling from a destroyed trust, continued to throw the affair in Kristen’s face, no matter how much she’d groveled. At the same time, it was reported that he’d issued an ultimatum to Kristen, wanting to get married. That, of course, never happened. Rob and Kristen’s Trial Separation

In early 2013, Rob left the US to begin filming The Rover in the Australian Outback. When he left, he asked Kristen for a trial separation. The Runaways actress begrudgingly complied, and since then, the couple has reportedly had very little communication. It seems the end is near for these two.

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