[first lines] Bella Swan: [voice over] These violet delights have violent ends. And in their triumph die, like fire and powder. Which, as they kiss, consume...

Charlie Swan: Senior year! How'd you get so old so fast? Bella Swan: I didn't! It's not that old. Charlie Swan: Well I don't know. Is that a grey hair? Bella Swan: No, No way? [runs to mirror to check it out] Charlie Swan: Happy Birthday Bella Swan: It's really funny.

[bends to kiss Bella] Edward Cullen: Happy birthday. Bella Swan: Don't remind me.New Moon Quotes Edward Cullen: Bella, your birthday is definitely something to celebrate. Bella Swan: But my aging is not. Edward Cullen: Your aging? I think eighteen is a little young to start worry about that. Bella Swan: It's one year older than you. Edward Cullen: No, it isn't. I'm a hundred and nine. Bella Swan: Wow! Maybe I shouldn't be dating such an old man. It's gross! I should be thoroughly repulsed. [they start kissing]

Bella Swan: Hello biceps. You know, anabolic steroids are really bad for you. Jacob Black: Well, I'm just filling out, Bella. You know, wouldn't seem so drastic if we hung out more. Bella Swan: We should switch schools. Then you can come hang out with the pale faces. Jacob Black: I'm alright. I prefer the Res school's exclusivity. They let any old rift raft into this place.

Jacob Black: Hey, happy birthday. Your Dad told my Dad. So... Bella Swan: Yeah, of course, he did. Jacob Black: I saw this the other day and thought of you. It catches bad dreams. Bella Swan: That's kinda perfect. Emm...thank you. Jacob Black: No problem.

Edward Cullen: So how come Jacob Black gets to give you a present and I don't? Bella Swan: Cause I have nothing to give back to you. Edward Cullen: Bella, you give me everything by just breathing. Bella Swan: See? Thank you. That's all I want.

Alice Cullen: Bella! [Alice hops over the stairway banister and comes over to hug Bella] Alice Cullen: Happy Birthday! Bella Swan: Shh, shh. [Alice hands Bella a wrapped birthday present] Bella Swan: I thought I said no presents. Alice Cullen: I've already seen you open it, and guess what? You love it! You're gonna wear it tonight. Our place. [Bella balks, looking reluctant] Alice Cullen: Come on, please? It'll be fun. [standing behind Alice, Jasper lowers his head and looks intently at Bella] Bella Swan: Okay. All right. Alice Cullen: Great! Okay, I'll see you at seven. [Alice skips back to Jasper, and Bella gets a look as if snapping out of something] Bella Swan: Jasper! No fair with the mood control thing. Jasper Hale: Sorry, Bella. Happy... [Bella gives him a look] Jasper Hale: Never mind.

[to Bella] Edward Cullen: You can't trust vampires. Trust me.

[reciting Romeo from the movie Romeo & Juliette the class has been been watching] Edward Cullen: O, here. Will I set up my everlasting rest. And shake the yoke of inauspicious stars from this world-wearied flesh. Eyes, look your last! Arms, take your last embrace! And lips, O you, the doors of breath, seal with a righteous kiss. A dateless bargain to engrossing death!

[showing Bella a painting] Edward Cullen: The Volturi are a very old, very powerful family, I guess their the closest thing to royalty my world has. Bella Swan: Is that...Carlisle? Edward Cullen: Yeah. He lived with them for a few decades. He describes them as very refined. No respect for human life, of course, but respect for the arts and science as at least. And the law, above all of law. Bella Swan: Vampires have laws? Edward Cullen: Not very many. There's only one that's regularly enforced. Bella Swan: What is it? Edward Cullen: That we keep the existence of our kind a secret. We don't make spectacles of ourselves. And we don't kill conspicuously. Unless, of course, you want to die.

Edward Cullen: Bella, the only thing that can hurt me is you. And I don't have anything else to be afraid of. New Moon Quotes Bella Swan: I can protect you. If you change me. Edward Cullen: Bella, you already do protect me. You're my only stay alive, if that's what I am. But it's my job to protect you.

Emmett Cullen: Dating an older woman? Hot. [Edward scoffs] Emmett Cullen: What?

[handing Bella a box] Alice Cullen: This is from Emmett. Emmett Cullen: Already stalled it in your truck. Finally a decent sound system in that piece of cra... Bella Swan: Hey, don't hate the truck.

[Bella's is trying to open Esme and Carlisle's present] Bella Swan: Ow, paper cut! [Bella finger starts to bleed and Jasper suddenly goes wild and tries to attack Bella but Edward stops him] Alice Cullen: Jas... Jas! Shhh...shhhh. It's okay. It's just a little...blood. Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Get Jasper out of here. Alice Cullen: I'm sor...I'm sorry, I can't.

Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Jasper hasn't been away from human blood as long as the rest of us. Bella Swan: How do you do it? Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Years and years of practice.

Dr. Carlisle Cullen: I knew who I wanted to be. I wanted to help people. Brings me happiness. Even if I'm damned about this. Bella Swan: Damned? hell? Carlisle, you can't be damned. You couldn't, it's impossible. Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Thank you, Bella. You always been very gracious about us. Bella Swan: So, that's it? That's why he won't change me? Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Imagine the situation in reverse. If you believed as Edward does, would you take away his soul?

Bella Swan: You can't protect me. From everything. At some point, somethings gonna separate us. It's gonna be an accident, or illness, or old age. As long as I'm human. And the only solution is to change me. Edward Cullen: That's not a solution, it's a tragedy. Bella Swan: You're not gonna love me when I look like a grandmother.

Bella Swan: It's still my birthday. Can I ask one thing? Kiss me? [Edward kisses her] Bella Swan: I love you. Edward Cullen: I love you.

Edward Cullen: We got to leave Forks. Bella Swan: Why? Edward Cullen: Carlisle's supposed to be ten years older than he looks. People are starting to notice. Bella Swan: Okay, I...I gotta think of something to say to Charlie. When you say "we"... Edward Cullen: I mean to my family and myself.

Edward Cullen: You just don't belong to my world, Bella. Bella Swan: I belong with you. Edward Cullen: No, you don't. Bella Swan: I'm coming. Edward Cullen: Bella. I don't want you to come. Bella Swan: You don't want me? Edward Cullen: No. Bella Swan: This changes things. All right. Edward Cullen: But if it's not too much to ask...can you at least promise me something? Don't do anything reckless. For Charlie's sake. And I'll promise something to you in return. This is the last time you'll ever see me. I won't come back. And you can go on with your life...without any interference from me. It will be like...I never existed, I promise.

Edward Cullen: You're just not good for me. Bella Swan: I'm not good enough for you? Edward Cullen: I'm just sorry, I let this go on for so long. Bella Swan: Please...don't. Edward Cullen: Goodbye. [he kisses her forehead and walks away] Bella Swan: Edward? Edward! Edward!

[reading from the email that she's written to Alice but can't send to her] Bella Swan: [voice over] Alice, you've disappeared. Like everything else. But who else can I talk to? I'm lost. When you left...and he left. You took everything with you. But the absence of him is everywhere I look. It's like a huge hole has been punched through my chest. But in a way I'm glad. The pain is my only reminder that he was real...that you all were.

Bella Swan: I'm not leaving Forks. Charlie Swan: Bells...he's not coming back. Bella Swan: I know. Charlie Swan: It's just not normal, this behavior. Quite frankly, it's scaring the hell outta me, and you Mother. Baby, I...I don't want you to leave. I don't. But...just go. Go to Jacksonville, make some new friends. Bella Swan: I like my old friends.

[talking to Bella whose walking silently by her] Jessica: I don't know why you wanna sit through allNew Moon Quotes those zombies eating people, and no hot guys kissing anybody. It's gross. Like why are there that many zombie movies anyway? Is it supposed to like draw a parallel about leprosy? My cousin had leprosy, it's not funny, you know? And like is it supposed to be a metaphor for consumerism? Because don't be so pleased with your own like...self-reverential cleverness, you know? Like, some girls like to shop. Not all girls, apparently. Although I was surprised you even called at all, you know? Like, your depression thing. I'm totally, totally worried. After a while, it's like, she's still bumming? And I'm going through stuff too, you know? Like Mike deciding he wanted to "I just be friends? " That's hard, you know?

[Bella sees Edward apparition when she walks over to some Bikers] Edward Cullen: You promised me nothing reckless. Bella Swan: You promised, it would as you never existed. You lied.

[after going on a ride with some biker she's just met] Jessica: Hey, um, what the hell is wrong with you? Just curious. Bella Swan: I thought that I saw something. Jessica: You're insane, actually. Or suicidal. That homeboy could have been a psycho. I was about to end up in a FBI interview room, like some lame TV show. Bella Swan: Oh, that was such a rush. Jessica: Awesome! So, you're an adrenaline junky now? That's cool! You can go bungee jumping. You don't get on the back of some random loser's motorcycle! Crazy!

Bella Swan: [voice over] Alice, I saw him. Maybe I'm crazy now, but I guess that's okay. If the rush of danger is what it takes to see him...then that's what I'll find.

Bella Swan: I...uh brought you something. Jacob Black: Okay. Bella Swan:It's a little crazy. Jacob Black: Wow, scrap metal! You shouldn't have. Bella Swan: I saved them from the junkyard. I think, they'll probably cost more to fix than they're worth.

Jacob Black: Since when are you into motorcycles? Bella Swan: Since now. I get it if you think that this is really stupid and reckless. Jacob Black: Yeah, it's completely stupid and reckless. When do we start?

Bella Swan: Jake, you're like buff. How that can happen? You're like 16, I don't get it. Jacob Black: Age is just a number, baby. What, you're like 40, now? Bella Swan: Feels like that sometimes.

Bella Swan: So I was thinking, if we're gonna do this everyday, and hopefully we will, we have to, like, fit some homework in there somewhere. I don't want Billy thinking that I'm a bad influence on you. Jacob Black: You influence me? Please. Bella Swan: Are you...? I'm older than you. So that makes me the influencer and you the influencee. Jacob Black: No, no, no. My size and knowledge base actually makes me older than you. Because of your gentle paleness and lack of know-how. Bella Swan: I convinced you to build two-wheeled death machines with me. Don't you think that makes you funny, young and naive? Jacob Black: Okay. So, where do we stand? Bella Swan: I'm thirty five and you might be like thirty two. Jacob Black: Come on!

Quil Ateara: So the bike building story is true. Bella Swan: Oh, yeah, yeah! I taught him everything he knows. Quil Ateara: What about the part where you're his girlfriend? Bella Swan: Uh, we're friends, you know? Embry Call: Oooh. Burn! Jacob Black: Actually, I remember, I said she's a girl and a friend. Quil Ateara: Embry, do you remember him making that distinction? Embry Call: Nope!

Bella Swan: [voice over] Dear Alice, I wish, I had your real address. I wish, I could tell you about Jake. He makes me feel better. I mean, he makes me feel alive. The hole in my chest...while when I'm with Jake, it''s like, it almost healed. For a while.

Jacob Black: Quil keeps asking to come over. I think he likes you a little too much. Bella Swan: Oh, I'm really not into the whole cougar thing, you know? Jacob Black: What's up with you and age? I mean, how old was that Cullen guy anyway?

[to Bella after she's woken up screaming from another bad dream] Charlie Swan: Can I ask you something? Hanging out with Jacob does seems to take your mind off things for a bit, doesn't it? You know, sometimes you gotta learn to love what's good for you. You know, what I mean? Of course, what do I know? I'm just a terminal bachelor. Famous ladies man. Okay...go to bed.

Bella Swan: Is that Sam Uley? Jacob Black: Yeah, and his cult. Bella Swan: Oh, my God! Did you see that? Jacob Black: They're not really fighting, Bella. They're cliff diving. Scary as hell, but a total rush. Bella Swan: Rush?

Jacob Black: We'll leave the showing off to Sam and his disciples. Bella Swan: You have some kind of beef with them or something? Jacob Black: Oh, no. They just think they run this place. Embry used to call them hall monitors on steroids. Now, look at him. Bella Swan: That's Embry? Jacob Black: Yeah. Bella Swan: What happened to him? Jacob Black: He missed some school and all of a sudden he started following Sam around like a little puppy. Same thing with Paul and Jared. Sam keeps giving me this look, like he's waiting for me or something. It's kinda starting to freak me out. Bella Swan: Well, you should just avoid him. Jacob Black: I'll try.

[after falling off her motorcycle] Bella Swan: I wanna go again. Jacob Black: Are you trying to get yourself killed? Bella Swan: I'll try again. Jacob Black: No, forget it. No more bikes. Man, your head. [Bella touches her head] Bella Swan: Ow! Oh my God, I'm sorry. Jacob Black: You're apologizing for bleeding? Bella Swan: Yeah, I guess, I am. Jacob Black: It's just blood, Bella. No big deal.

[after Jacob takes off t-shirt to wipe off Bella's blood] Jacob Black: What are you staring at? Bella Swan: You're sort of beautiful. Jacob Black: How hard did you hit your head?

Angela: I'm telling you, I saw something in the woods! Eric: Totally, baby. I believe you. Jessica: No he doesn't. He's just trying to get lucky. Angela: It was jet black and huge. On all fours it was still taller than a person. A bear, maybe? Mike: Or an alien. You're lucky you didn't get probed. Jessica: Oh, Yeah. Angela: Well, I saw it. Bella Swan: You know, you're not the only one. My Dad's been getting reports at the station. Like five hikers been killed by some bear. But they can't find the bear. Angela: Hm. Eric: Hahahaha. Last time you clowns doubt my girlfriend!

Mike: So listen, not know, you're eh...talking and...eating again, which you know? You gotta get that protein in there. [pokes Bella's stomach] Mike: I was just wondering, if wanted to go see a movie with me. Bella Swan: Yeah, sure. Yeah I do. Mike: Cool, um, let me see. We could...we could check "Love spelled backwards is love." Yeah, it's a dumb title, but, um, it's a romantic comedy. I mean, it's supposed to be... Bella Swan: No. No romance. about "Face Punch"? You heard of that? Mike: I mean it''s an action movie. Bella Swan: Yeah, it's perfect. With guns, adrenaline, it's my thing. Mike: Okay so... Bella Swan: We should get a bunch of people to go. Do you guys wanna go see... "Face Punch"? Eric: "Face Punch"? Yeah! Mike, hey, we were supposed to watch that? Remember the trailer's like "Pew, pew! Punch faces". Jessica: [sarcastically] Movie night with Bellllllaaaaaaa!

Jacob Black: So, "Face Punch", huh? You like action movies? Mike: Not really. Jacob Black: I heard it sucks. Bad. Mike: You know, are you even old enough to see this movie? I mean, you know, without like adult supervision? Jacob Black: Right, yeah. Well, she's buying my ticket for me.

Bella Swan: Jessica bailed and Angela got the stomach Eric's taking care of her. It's just us three. Jacob Black: Great. Mike: Great.

[referring to Mike whose vomiting in the bathroom from watching the movie] Jacob Black: What a marshmallow! You should hold out for someone with a stronger stomach. Someone who laughs at the gore that makes weaker men vomit. Bella Swan: Yeah, I'll keep my eye open for that.

[Jacob tries to grab hold of Bella's hand] Jacob Black: What? I can't hold your hand? Bella Swan: No, of course, you can. I just think it means something really different to you.

Bella Swan: Jake, please...don't do this. Jacob Black: Why? Bella Swan: Because you are about to ruin everything. And I need you. Jacob Black: Well, I've got loads of time. I'm not gonna give up. Bella Swan: I don't want you to. But it's just because I don't want you to go anywhere.

[referring to Edward leaving] Jacob Black: Look, I know what he did to you. But, Bella, I would never, ever do that. I won't ever hurt you. I promise. I won't let you down. You can count on me.

Jacob Black: [to Mike] Feeling sick? Maybe you need to go to the hospital. Do you want me to put you in the hospital? Bella Swan: Jake...Jake, the movie's over. What are you doing? Jake, you're really hot. Like, you feel like you have a fever. Are you okay? Jacob Black: I don't know what's happening. I gotta go. Mike: That dude is weird.

Bella Swan: You cut your hair off? And got a tattoo? Jacob Black: Bella... Bella Swan: I thought you were too sick to come outside. Or pick up the phone when I'd call. Jacob Black: Go away. Bella Swan: What? Jacob Black: Go away.

Bella Swan: What happened to you? What's wrong? Hey, what happened? Did Sam get to you? Is that what's happening? Jacob Black: Sam's trying to help me, don't blame him. But if you want somebody to blame, How about those filthy bloodsuckers, you love? The Cullens. Bella Swan: I don't know what are you talking about. Jacob Black: You know exactly what I'm talking about. You've been lying to everyone. Charlie...but you can't lie to me. Not anymore, Bella.

Jacob Black: Look, Bella...we can't be friends anymore. Bella Swan: Jake, I know that I have been...hurting you. It''s killing me. It kills me. If you, may be, give me like some time. Jacob Black: Don't! It's not you. Bella Swan: It's not you, it's me, right? Really? Jacob Black: It's true! It is me. I'm not good. I used to be...a great kid. Not anymore. This doesn't even matter, alright? This is over. Bella Swan: You can't break up with me. I mean...I mean, you're my best friend. You promised me. Jacob Black: I know. I promised that I won't hurt you, Bella. And this is me keeping that promise. Go home. And don't come back, or you're gonna get hurt.

Bella Swan: [voice over] Alice, things are...things are bad again. Without Jake, I just...I can't stand it. I don't see Edward anymore. Now it really feels like he never existed. I will find a place where I can see him again.

Bella Swan: Laurent! Laurent: I didn't expect to find you here. I went to visit the Cullens, but, the house is empty. I'm surprised they left you behind. Weren't you sort of a, of theirs? Bella Swan: Yeah. You could say that. Laurent: Do the Cullens visit often? [Edward's apparition appears] Edward Cullen: Lie. Bella Swan: Yeah, absolutely. All the time. Edward Cullen: Lie better. Bella Swan: I'll tell them that you stopped by. I probably shouldn't tell...Edward. Cause he's pretty protective. Laurent: But he's far away isn't he? Bella Swan: Why are you here? Laurent: I came as a favor to Victoria. Bella Swan: Victoria? Laurent: She asked me to see if you were still under the protection of the Cullens. Victoria feels it's only fair if she kills Edwards mate, giving he killed hers. An eye for an eye. Edward Cullen: Threaten him. Bella Swan: Edward would know who did it! And he'd come after you. Laurent: I don't think he will. After all, how much could you mean to him if he left you here unprotected? Victoria won't be happy about my killing you. But I can't help myself. You're so mouth-watering. Bella Swan: Please don't. I mean, you helped us. Laurent: Shhhh. Don't be afraid. I'm doing you a kindness. Victoria plans on killing you slowly and briefly, where as I'll make it quick. I promise. You will feel nothing. Bella Swan: Edward, I love you. [just at that point werewolves attack and kill Laurent]

Bella Swan: In the woods. They are not bears! Charlie Swan: What you mean in the woods? Bella, what the hell were you doing out in the woods? Bella Swan: They are wolves. I mean, they're like huge wolves! Harry Clearwater: Are you sure about that, Bella? Bella Swan: Yeah, I just saw them. They were after...something.

Jacob Black: Look, look, I'm...I'm sorry. Bella Swan: For what? Jacob Black: I wish I could explain, but I literally...can't! Have you ever had a secret you couldn't tell anyone? One that wasn't yours to share. Well, that's what it's like for me, but worse. You have no idea, how tight I'm bounded.

Jacob Black: I mean, the killer part is you already know! Bella, do you remember, whenNew Moon Quotes walked on the beach in La Push? The sto... Bella Swan: The story...the story about the cold ones. Jacob Black: I guess, I understand why that's the only part you remember. Bella Swan: There's gotta be something that you can do... Jacob Black: No. I'm in it for life.

[Jacob give Bella a long hug] Jacob Black: Please, try to remember. It would be so much easier if you knew. Bella Swan: I'll try, but...Jake. Jake, what are you doing? Wait, Jake. Jake! [Jacob jumps out her window]

[talking to Edward's apparition] Bella Swan: Edward, I'm scared. Edward Cullen: You should be.

[shouting to Sam] Bella Swan: What did you do to him? Sam Uley: Hey, easy! Bella Swan: He didn't want this! Paul: But we do. What did he do? What did he tell you? Sam Uley: Both of you calm... Bella Swan: Nothing! He told me nothing, because he's scared of you! [Paul and Jared start laughing. Bella gets angry and slaps Paul in the face] Jared: Too late now. Sam Uley: Bella, get back. Paul, calm down now.New Moon Quotes [Paul suddenly begins to snarl like mad as he shape-shifts into his wolf form. Bella gasps as she sees this and begins to walk backwards] Jacob Black: Bella! Bella Swan: Run! Jake, run! [Jacob runs towards Paul's wolf form and suddenly he also shape-shifts into a wolf and starts to fight with Paul's wolf form] Sam Uley: Take Bella back to Emily's place. Embry Call: Guess the wolf's out of the bag.

Bella Swan: [voice over] it possible that everything is true? The fairy tales and horror stories? Is it possible that there isn't anything sane and normal at all?

Emily: So, you’re the vampire girl. Bella Swan: So, you're the wolf girl. Emily: Guess so. Well, I'm engaged to one.

Emily: Leave it up to Jake to find a way around Sam's gag order. Bella Swan: Um...he didn't say anything to me. Embry Call: That's a wolf thing. Alpha's orders get obeyed whether we want to or not. Oh and check it out! We can hear each other's thoughts. Jared: Will you just shut up? These are trade secrets. Damn it! This chick runs with vampires. Bella Swan: I can't really run with vampires. Because they're fast. Jared: Yeah? Well, we're faster. Freaked out yet? Bella Swan: You're not the first monsters I've met. [Sam walks in] Sam Uley: Jake's right. You are good with the weird.

Bella Swan: So you're a werewolf? Jacob Black: Yeah, last time I checked. A few lucky members of the tribe have the gene. If a bloodsucker moves into town, then the fever sets in. Bella Swan: Mono? Jacob Black: Yeah, I wish.

Jacob Black: It's not a life-style choice, Bella. I was born this way, I can't help it. You are such a hypocrite. What, I'm not the right kind of monster for you? Bella Swan: It's not what you are. It's what you do. They never hurt anybody. You've killed people, Jake. Jacob Black: Bella, we're not killing anyone. Bella Swan: Then, who is? Jacob Black: What we're trying to protect you people from. The only thing we do kill. Vampires. Bella Swan: Jake, you can't... Jacob Black: Don't worry, we can't touch your little precious Cullens. Unless, they violate the Treaty.

Jacob Black: We took out that leech with the dreads easy enough. Bella Swan: Laurent? Jacob Black: And his redhead girlfriend is next. Bella Swan: Vic...Victoria is here? Jacob Black: Was. We chased her all the way to the Canadian border the other night. But she keeps coming back. We don't know what she's after. Bella Swan: I do. Me.

Bella Swan: [voice over] Alice, I'm alright. Until I'm alone. And lately that's all the time. Jacob's gone, he's hunting for Victoria. And Charlie is hunting Jacob. And you're gone. And so is Edward. And I just have nothing now.

Bella Swan: [voice over] But I realize where I have to go, What I have to do to see him again.

[Bella is standing at the edge of the cliff when Edward's apparition appears]New Moon Quotes Edward Cullen: Don't do this. Bella Swan: You wanted me to be human. Watch me. Edward Cullen: Please? For me? Bella Swan: You won't stay with me any other way. Edward Cullen: Bella. Please. [Bella jumps from the cliff and into the sea]

Bella Swan: It must be nice, never getting cold. Jacob Black: It’s a wolf thing. Bella Swan: It's not. It’s a Jacob thing. You’re just warm. You're like, your own sun.

Jacob Black: What if I get mad at you? Sometimes...I feNew Moon Quotesel like, I'm gonna disappear. Bella Swan: Look I know that you need me to tell you something like this. But I always will. You're not gonna loose yourself. I won't let that happen. Jacob Black: How? Bella Swan: I'll tell you all the time. How special you are. [Jacob pulls close to kiss her but Bella stops him] Bella Swan: Thank you...for everything.

[after Bella sees Alice in her home] Alice Cullen: Would you like to explain to me how you're alive? Bella Swan: What? Alice Cullen: I saw a vision of you. You jumped off a cliff. Why in the hell would you try and kill yourself? I mean, what about Charlie? What about...? Bella Swan: I didn't try to kill myself. I was cliff jumping. Recreationally. It was fun. Alice Cullen: I have never met anyone more prone to life-threatening idiocy. Bella Swan: Does...did you...did you tell him? Alice Cullen: No. He only calls once in every few months. He said he wants to be alone.

Alice Cullen: Bella, what is that God awful wet dog smell? Bella Swan: um...that's probably me.'s Jacob. Alice Cullen: Jacob who? Bella Swan: Jacob's kind of a werewolf. Alice Cullen: Ugh! Bella! Werewolf's are not good company to keep! Jacob Black: Speak for yourself.

Bella Swan: Yeah, Victoria has been around. Alice Cullen: I didn't see her. I didn't see you getting pulled out of the water either. I can't see past you and your pack of mutts! Jacob Black: Don't get me upset. Bella Swan: Hey, stop! Jacob Black: Things are gonna get very ugly! Bella Swan: Stop! Stop! Stop! Alice Cullen: I'll give you a minute. Bella Swan: Hey, you're not going anywhere, you're gonna come back, right? Alice Cullen: As soon as you put the dog out.

New Moon QuotesJacob Black: I have done it again. I keep breaking my promise. Bella Swan: We don't have to do this to each other. Jacob Black: Yes, we do. Bella... [he pulls close to Bella and just before he almost kisses her] Jacob Black: ...Que Quowle. [translation; Stay with me forever]

[the phone rings, Jacob answers the phone] Jacob Black: Swan Residence. He's not here right now. He's arranging a funeral. Bella Swan: Who was that? What? Jacob Black: Always in the way. Bella Swan: Who was that? Jacob Black: Bella, step back. Bella Swan: Jake, who was that? Alice Cullen: Bella, Bella, it's Edward. He thinks you;re dead. Rosalie told him why I came here. Bella Swan: Why would you...? Why didn't you let me speak to him? Jacob Black: He didn't ask for you. Bella Swan: I don't care! Alice Cullen: Bella, Bella, he's going to the Volturi. He wants to die too. Jacob Black: He left you, Bella. He didn't want you anymore, remember? Bella Swan: But I'm not gonna let him kill himself out of guilt.

Edward Cullen: So you made up your minds? Aro: I'm afraid your particular gifts...are too valuable to destroy. But if you're unhappy with your lot, join us. We would be delighted to utilize your skills. Won't you consider staying with us? Edward Cullen: You know what will happen anyway. Marcus: Not without cause. Aro: Such a waste.

Bella Swan: I'm guessing you didn't rent this car? Alice Cullen: I figured, you wouldn't be opposed to grand theft auto. Bella Swan: Not today.

Alice Cullen: They refused him. Bella Swan: So...? Alice Cullen: He's gonna make a scene. Show himself to the humans. Bella Swan: No! When? Alice Cullen: He's gonna wait until noon, when the sun's at it's highest.

Bella Swan: Why are they all in red? Alice Cullen: San Marcos Day festival. They're commemorating the expulsion of the vampires from the city. It's the perfect setting. The Volturi will never let him get far enough to reveal himself.

Alice Cullen: Bella, you're the only one he can't see coming. If I go, he will read my thoughts, he'll think I'm lying and rush into it. Bella Swan: Where do I go? Alice Cullen: He'll be under the clock tower. Go!

[just as Edward is about to reveal himself to humans Bella rushes into his arms to stop him] Bella Swan: No! [thinking that Bella is an apparition] Edward Cullen: Heaven. Bella Swan: You have to move! Open your eyes, look at me. I'm alive. You have to move!

Bella Swan: I needed to make you see me once. You had to know that I was alive. You didn't have to feel guilty or anything. I can let you go now. Edward Cullen: You never had to let it go. I just couldn't live in a world where you don't exist. Bella Swan: But you said... Edward Cullen: I lied. I had to lie and you believe me so easily. Bella Swan: Because it doesn't make sense for you to love me. I'm nothing...human. Nothing. Edward Cullen: Bella, you're everything to me. You're everything. [he kisses her passionately]

Aro: What a happy surprise! Bella is alive after all. Isn't that wonderful? I love a happy ending. They are so rare.

Aro: Her blood appeals to you so makes me thirsty. How can you stand to be so close to her? Edward Cullen: It's not without difficulty. Aro: Yes, I can see that. Edward Cullen: Aro can read every thought I ever haNew Moon Quotesd. With one touch. And now you know everything. So, get on with it. Aro: You are quite a soul reader yourself, Edward. Though you can't read Bella's thoughts. Fascinating! [to Bella] Aro: I would love to see are an exception to my gifts, as well. Would you do me the honor? [Bella comes forward and gives him her hand] Aro: Interesting. I see nothing.

Aro: Jane? Jane: Master? Aro: Go ahead, my dear. Jane: This may hurt just a little. [Jane's gazes toward Bella trying to inflict pain on her, but nothing happens. Aro laughs] Aro: Remarkable! She confounds us all. So, what we do with you now?

[trying to stop Felix from killing Edward] Bella Swan: Please! No, no! Please! Kill me...kill me. Not him. Aro: How extraordinary. You would give up your life for someone like us. A vampire. A soulless monster. Edward Cullen: Just get away from her! Bella Swan: You don't know a thing about his soul.

Aro: This is a sadness. If only it be your intention to give her immortality. [just as he's about to kill Bella] Alice Cullen: Wait! Bella will be one of us. I've seen it. I'll change her myself. [he reads Alice's mind] Aro: Mesmerizing! To see, what you have seen. Before it is happened. [to Bella] Aro: Your gifts...will make for an intriguing immortal. Isabella. Go now. Make your preparations.

[waking up from a bad dream, Bella sees Edward watching over her] Bella Swan: You're here. Edward Cullen: You can sleep. I'll still be here when you wake up. Bella, the only reason that I left was because I thought I was protecting you. I needed you to have a chance at a normal, happy life. Bella Swan: It was so easy for you to leave. Edward Cullen: Leaving you was the hardest thing I've done in a hundred years. I swear...I will never fail you again. I'm so sorry.

Bella Swan: Dad, you don't have to worry. Charlie Swan: You know the last time you said that you took off. I didn't see you for three days. Bella Swan: I'm really sorry, Dad. Charlie Swan: Bella, do not ever do that to me again. Ever. And you're grounded...for the rest of your life. Bella Swan: Okay.

[after Charlie leaves Bella's room] Edward Cullen: I'm not technically breaking any of his ruleNew Moon Quotess. He did say, I couldn't take a step inside the door. I came in through the window. He's not going to forgive me easily. Bella Swan: I know. Edward Cullen: Can you? I hope you can because I honestly don't know how to live without you. Bella Swan: Come here. [she kisses him] Bella Swan: Once Alice changes me you can't get rid of me. Edward Cullen: She won't need to change you. There are always ways to keep the Volturi in the dark. Bella Swan: No. No!

Bella Swan: You all know what I want. And I know, how much I'm asking for. The only thing I can think of for it to be fair is to just vote. Edward Cullen: You don't know what you just... Bella Swan: Shut up! Alice? Alice Cullen: I already consider you my sister. Yes! Bella Swan: Thank you. Jasper Hale: I vote, yes. It would be nice to not wanna kill you all the time. Rosalie Hale: I'm sorry. I'm really sorry to both of you, for the way I've acted. And I'm really grateful that you were brave enough to go and save my brother. But this isn't a life I would have chosen for myself. And I wish that there had been someone to vote no for me. Emmett Cullen: I vote hell yeah! We can pick a fight with these Volturi's some other way. Esme Cullen: I already consider you a part of the family. Yes! [Carlisle walks towards Bella and looks over to Edward] Edward Cullen: Why are you doing this to me? You know what this means. Dr. Carlisle Cullen: You've chosen not to live without her, which leaves me no choice. I won't lose my son.

Bella Swan: I'll wait until after graduation to make it easier on Charlie. Edward, I want you to be the one to do it.

Jacob Black: See, you're still alive for now. Edward Cullen: He thinks, it's me keeping you away. Jacob Black: You stay the hell out of my head. Edward Cullen: Jacob, I know you have something to say to me. But I wanna say something to you first. If that's alright? Thank you. Thank you for keeping Bella alive when...I didn’t. Jacob Black: No, you didn't. And it wasn't for your benefit, trust me. Edward Cullen: I'm still grateful. But I'm here now. And I'm not gonna leave her side till she orders me away. Jacob Black: We'll see.

Jacob Black: I'm here to remind you about a key point in the Treaty. Edward Cullen: I haven't forgotten. Bella Swan: What key point? Jacob Black: If any of them bites a human, the truce is over. Bella Swan: But if I choose it, it has nothing to do with you. Jacob Black: No... No, I won't let you. You're not gonna be one of them, Bella. Bella Swan: It's not up to you. Jacob Black: You know what we'll do to you. I won't have choice. Edward Cullen: Bella, please come. Bella Swan: Wait. Is he gonna hurt me? Read his mind. [she walks over to Jacob] Bella Swan: Jake, I love you. So, please don't make me choose. Because it'll be him. It's always been him. Jacob Black: Bella... Edward Cullen: Goodbye, Jacob. Jacob Black: No, you don't speak for her! [Edward pushes him and Jacob shape-shifts into a wolf]

[Bella gets in between Jacob's wolf form and Edward to stop them fighting] Bella Swan: Stop! Stop! You can't hurt each other without hurting me. [in his wolf form Jacob looks at Bella and then turns and bolts out of there] Bella Swan: Jake?

[last lines] Edward Cullen: He's right. You shouldn't become one of us. Bella Swan: I can't do this alone. Edward Cullen: Then please just wait. Just give me...five years. Bella Swan: That's too long. Edward Cullen: Then, three? You're so stubborn. Bella Swan: What are you waiting for? Edward Cullen: I have one condition if you want me to do it myself. Bella Swan: What's the condition? Edward Cullen: And then, forever. Bella Swan: That's what I'm asking. Edward Cullen: Marry me, Bella.

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