Kristen’s realized that distance does not necessarily make the heart grow fonder, so she is planning to visit Rob in Australia, as their relationship is ‘hanging by a thread,’ according to a new report. While Robert Pattinson is busy in Australia filming The Rover, Kristen Stewart has been lonely and missing him in Los Angeles. Kristen was devastated when Rob suggested that they go on a trail separation — she even attended an Ellie Goulding concert because her music makes her feel closer to him, and she’s reportedly wearing his old underwear. Now, a new report says that Kristen is ready to take drastic measures to save their love, as she thinks a reconciliation is less and less likely “the longer they’re apart.”

Kristen Stewart Will Visit Robert Pattinson In Australia Kristen, 22, is currently not filming any new movies; she’s free until she begins working on Focus in April. The On The Road actress realizes that now is the perfect time to visit Rob, 26, in South Australia, as a last ditch attempt to save their relationship.

“Kristen is planning to travel to Australia to see Robert, she’s missing him incredibly,” a source tells Radar Online. “She thinks his interest in their reconciliation is waning the longer they’re apart – so Kristen’s trying to save what they have left.”

Well, out of sight usually means out of mind…

Kristen’s Reasons For Her Visit “Robert’s been busy filming and hasn’t been able to give Kristen as much time as she liked,” continued the source. “It’s been especially difficult to stay in touch because of the 18 and half hour time difference between Los Angeles and Adelaide.”

“Their relationship is hanging by a thread, so she thinks that visiting him in Oz may help them stay together. That said, I think she may be clinging on to something that isn’t what she actually thinks it was.”

Kristen should definitely go to Oz! If it does not go well, she will know where she stands, but most likely, once she and Rob are reunited, they will realize why they fell in love in the first place. Senior Entertainment Reporter Chloe Melas strongly believes that Kristen should go to Australia and confront Rob, because Rob keeps dodging her pleas, and won’t give her a straight answer as to where their relationship stands.

Go to Australia, Kristen, and get the answers you need!

Well, if all else fails, at least Kristen has other options! Patrick Schwarzenegger is pretty hunky, and he has his eyes on her!

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