Hi, everyone :D

   So here I go, you are gonna learn something about me and why I love The Twilight Saga.

          My name is Milica , I am 17 years old. I'm from Serbia. When I was born I was diagonezed with heart defect, it did make any changes in my life . I live a healthy life. I like sports but not much. I have a sister and a brother , they are both younger than me. I am the oldest .I have lived in Sweden fro 3 years (2008-2011) there I learned about The Twilight Saga .It all began from there. Everyday i got move and move obsessed of Twiligh.

        I love Twilight because I feel like I am in my own world , full of vampires and wolfes . My favorite part is Breaking Dawn Part 1 and 2 , and my favorite scene is Bella's and Edward's wedding.

        The first movie was amazing the first time Edward and Bella met. Their first fight and their first kiss, and Edward saving her life twice.

The second movie was great , I felt sorry for Bella when Edward left her in the woods. I would to be left alone like that , but in the end everything was good.

        The thirth movie was awesome .Their fight with Riley and Victoria . Bella saving Edward's life , but te most beautiful thing was Edward proposing to Bella.

       The fourth movie was beutiful. Everything about this movie was amazing. Bella getting pregnant , their honeymoon. Jacob imprinting Renesmee ( Bella's and Edward's new born child)

     And for the fifth and he last movie I DON'T HAVE A WORD NOT A SINGLE WORD.

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