Cut the ball of her foot on glass two days ago Limped on stage to present the Achievement in Production Design award with Daniel Radcliffe Before going on stage, Anne Hathaway told her: 'Break a leg!'

Kristen Stewart battled through a painful injury to attend the Academy Awards on Sunday night.

The Twilight star, 22, is understood to have cut her foot on glass two days ago but decided the show must go on.

The actress, who was dressed in a stylish Reem Acra gown, walked the red carpet in crutches, occasionally posing unaided for the cameras.

When Jennifer Lawrence spotted her fellow actress hobbling along with the walking aids, she rushed over to hug Kristen, exclaiming: 'Hey, what happened, Dude?' (Lawrence later had a mishap of her own, falling up the stairs as she went up on stage to accept the best actress gong for Silver Linings Playbook.)

Before she limped on stage to present the award for Achievement in Production Design with Daniel Radcliffe, Stewart caught up with best supporting actress winner Anne Hathaway.

Hathaway asked Stewart if she was going on stage with her crutches.

Nope. I’m gonna hobble,' Stewart said.

'Well, break a leg,' Hathaway said. 'Oops.'

Stewart was quite clearly in pain as she slowly made her way to the podium with Radcliffe to announce Lincoln s the category winner.

Kristen arrived at the event solo, amid reports she recently split from her on/off boyfriend of four years Robert Pattinson.

Jennifer, on the other hand, looked like a goddess on the carpet in a strapless Dior with a long train.

'I'm feeling very excited but also feeling glad that it's nearly over', said the star of Silver Linings Playbook who added that she felt as if she had been campaigning since last September.

The 22-year-old revealed that she was wearing a corset under the incredible gown.

'But there's room for me to eat which is good because I'm hungry . I got in the car to get here and realised that I hadn't eaten', the best actress contender said.

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