aka Carrie

  • I live in In a dark world
  • I was born on March 18
  • My occupation is to live in
  • I am female
  • ImyourNightmare
    1. Ok so my favorite twilight team is the volturi all the way baby,
    2. I think Bella and Aro belong together
    3. not Bella and stuck up Edward i mean they don't even look cute together
    4. Bella should be queen of volturi
    5. she should be a badasss
    6. she should have a throne next to Aro,Marcus and Caius.
    • This is just what i think don't judge on how i think. most ppl would probably be offended but its just my oppinion so yeah.
    • i wonder how many people would actually agree with me
    • well have a good day
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