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Bella Swan Gurlgasm or Panic Attack~~

Hello fellow Twilighter:) this blog is going to focus on the Dazzaling moments between

Bella and Edward. Was she really dazzled or was she being (subconscienciosly) tortured

by Edwards presence.

First= Let us discuss the most interesting; Gurlgasm:D now this may be a touchy subject for some

so I will do my best to keep it clean.

How may one notice gurlgasm:

erratic breathing

irregular heartbeat

flushing of skin

incoherent speech


eyes may roll in sockets

Second= Let us discuss panic attacks:

the attacks are brief

may suffer intense terror or apprehension


dizziness/erratic breathing

due to hypersansitivity and stress

irregular heartbeat may be perceived as life threatning.

So my fellow Twies what is your opinion ? Could a case be made for all fathers everywhere to keep (deadbeat boyfriends);) away?...or should we let the good times roll !~~

DISCLAIMER:This articule is meant for entertainment purposes only, if anyone suffers from panic attacks or gurlgasms seek appropriate attention..THx..

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