i feel sorry for Rosalie. i mean she was going to get married then her soon to be husband and his drunk friends beat her. it kinda looks like they didn't get to know each other very well. and because Royce was only going to marry her cause shes beautiful. thats just wrong. Rosalie was right to get revenge and kill him and his friends for the thing they put her through. i mean they almost killed her until Carlisle showed up. then she kinda got rejected by Edward. shes been through alot and shes very strong to go through all that. All she wanted was a life and then she picked the wrong man to fall in love with. well its kinda her mothers fault cause her mother told her to dress pretty and go to her dads work. thats when she met Royce and fell in love with him cause he paid attention to her.i can see why she envy's bella. Bella has a baby. the one thing Rosalie would die for. but i always think Rosalie should adopt a child, but then that would be hard cause it will be living in a house full of vampires. well I FEEL YOUR PAIN ROSALIE and i truly wish you had a better life.

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