Leah is my favorite character.i like her for many reasons. One reason is that i think she has a good personality. Even though she seems mean and has no emotions except anger, rage, kinda boredom cause she has to hang out with shirtless guy which shes in love with one of them. then she probably feels sad cause she has to see her second cousin Emily with, well you could say her Sam. another reason is that she keeps on a brave face. she doesn't like let her emotions get to her.she stays strong for herself, her mother (because her father died), and for her brother Seth. and i know that this might seem mean, but i would make the life of the other wolves horrible. kinda like Leah did. In the book they say shes bitter, but shes not she just had a hard life cause her father died, shes the only female wolf and cause of her break-up. so yuppz

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