aka Carly You don't need to know stalkers

  • I live in Winchester California
  • I was born on March 16
  • My occupation is Going into Junior High
  • I am female
  • IReadWarriorsAndTwilight

    I am gonna be writing a fan fiction/role playing thingy of myself, friends, twilight characters, and these will same situoations just a little different and a little random stuff I say all the time. :) I will be Seth's imprint, my friend Kristal shall be Embry's, Madison will be Collin's imprint, and Sydnee shal be Brady's. ;) And this what I would maybe want to happen then. And a bunch of random videos. I AM A TWI-HARD!!!!! Okay...let's start with my friends and I playing handball...

    Me(Carly): James your out.

    James: No i'm not.

    Me: You did too many underdogies.(underdogies is where you go under the ball. You can't do them 3 times in a row)

    Austin: James, your out.

    James: No i'm not! (James is a jerk, so...yeah..this is what the main purpose o…

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