I never did belive that bella should've gotten pregnant.She just wanted the baby because it was Edward's baby.I belive that the only female that should've had a chil is Esme,Rose,Alice or even Leah.If Leah had a chilld than maybe she wouldn't be so rude.She had said it herself"It's better to be wanted.'If she had the baby than maybe she would be kinder but she can't cause she's a wolf now.Esme has always deserved to be a mother.She cared for Bella and Nessie like they were her own children.Rosale has always wanted a child.That is the only thing that she wanted in life.If Alice had a child she would always dress her up and that would've been a good thing.Every single one of those girl deserved to have a child.BELLA DID NOT DESERVE TO HAVE A CHILD!!!THAT SHOULD'VE NEVER HAPPENED! I have always said it since I read the books that she should've never gotten pregnant.She should've just got married and turned into a vampire that's it!!

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