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  • Htorgler17

    the top ten reasons that Jane is just plain evil

    1) she tries to hurt people 24/7

    2)she orders Felix to kill Bree(was pretty unnecessary)

    3)she hates all humans and Cullens

    4)she scares people and is threatening too

    5)she is pizzed off at Bella because her power dosent work on her(get over it!)

    6)she enjoys using her power . . . . a lot(talk about crewel)

    7)she usually only listens to Aro, Marcus, Caius, or Alec

    8)she always smiles when she tortures someone

    9)when she has the chance to touture someone she takes it before Aro can stop her

    10)she enjoys watchingg people die(mostly the people she hates)

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