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It took ages to get the blood out of my hair. After I was out the bath and dressed, Matthew cam round to see if Mia was ok. I stayed in my room whilst Matthew and Mia sat and talked. I laid down on my bed and closed my eyes. Suddenly I saw a teenage boy walking towards the woods. He met a group of boys. I was guessing that the boy was Matthew and the boys were the pack. Matthew then phased into his wolf form, probably showing them he had become one of them. I lost my concentration when someone knocked on my door. I opened my eyes and sat up to see Matthew at the door. “Are you ok?” he asked. I nodded. Mia walked in. “are you thirsty?” She asked. I had to think about it. The scents of the 2 people standing in front of me did burn a little but I could handle it. I shook my head. “We’ll take you hunting tomorrow if you want to.” she said. I was extremely happy that I was staying with Mia. “I’m just gonna go for a walk.” I said. I was hoping that they would let me go but they didn’t. “We’ll come with you.” Matthew said. Since they wouldn’t let me go on my own I realized my defeat and started walking outside. As I was walking I noticed something in the mirror. My eyes were bright red! And my skin was pale white. I was sure I had freckles but they had disappeared! I closed my eyes, not wanting to see the frightening eyes which were now placed in my head. In my head I saw another vision. I saw a young girl crying over a man laid in a hospital bed. I opened my eyes, not wanting to see what was happening. I walked out the door and tried to clear my head of what had happened today. All of the freaky visions in my head, others seeing my past when I touched them. It was something I needed to sort out.

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