When I entered the house every pair of eyes were on me. I dumped myself onto the sofa. Michael entered the room, back in his human form. Tom was first to speak. “Right. Morgan, would you mind staying at Mia’s home for a bit. Just until we can find some room somewhere else. She will provide you with clothes so you don’t have to where your blood covered top anymore.” he was true. My white T-shirt was covered with blood. “Mia lives on her own so you will be able to stay yourself.” he continued. “You will need to take daily hunting trips, 2 of us will accompany you.” he said. “thank you.” I said. Mia grinned. “It’s ok. It gets kind of lonely when you live on your own. Even if Matt is always at mine comforting me.” Matthew walked over to Mia and hugged her. Mia moved over to me. “let’s get you to mine. You need to get cleaned up. Your covered in blood!” she said. We walked towards the road and followed a trail which lead us to a tiny white house with a beautiful garden filled with flowers. “It’s no much, but it’s home.” she told me. “It’s beautiful!” I whispered. Inside, Mia went to run me a bath while I looked in the room I would be staying in. It was like my old bedroom. The walls were a light blue and the quilt covering the bed was a dark shade of purple. I went to sit down. I closed my eyes and laid down on the soft bed. Then something strange happened. I saw a young girl, about my age, standing in a field with a boy who looked just a bit older. They were walking down a path into the woods. “Do you like it?” asked Mia. I sat up and nodded at Mia. She was kind and was caring for me, even though I wasn’t human. “It was my room when I was a child. My mother and father lived here. My father died when I turned 13. He had once phased into a wolf but as he got older the power left him. My mother also died 2 years ago so I live on my own. Matt comes round every day to comfort me. He truly loves me.” I felt sympathy for Mia. Both of her parents had died. “Any way. Your bath is ready.” She told me. I got up and walked towards the bathroom at the end of the hall. I remembered the image I had seen in my head before Mia had walked in. That was something I needed to find out.

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