Michael walked by my side as we silently strolled through the woods. The wind blew through the trees and blew my blonde hair in my face. I stopped walking. “So, you wanted to tell me something?” I said to him. “Well, I just wanted to talk to you. Your different to us. And don’t be offended but you smell awful!” he said with a laugh. “So do you!” I laughed. “What are you?” he asked. I let out a sigh. “A vampire.” I said. Michael gasped. “don’t worry I’m not gonna hurt you. I drink animal blood.” I said. “Well I’m certainly not gonna get you angry, I turn into an animal!” he laughed. I laughed with him. “What did Tom say before?” I asked. “Oh, that. It was nothing. Just telling me that… we have a new member in our pack. How about you. How did you become, you know..” he pulled a vampire face. “Last night.” I said. “LAST NIGHT! So your still a newborn?” he asked. “Yeah, I’ve only just woke up a couple of hours ago.” I replied. “But newborns are crazed with thirst!” he shouted. I frowned. “Maybe I skipped the newborn stage! I don’t have to kill people!” I said. Then I walked off. I could here his footsteps behind me. “I’m sorry!” he shouted to me. I turned around to see his face. “Let’s go back.” I said. It had been at least two hours since I left the house. I turned around and started running. I heard large paws running on the ground. Standing in front of me was another wolf with light grey fur. He was a little smaller than the other wolves. I started running again. In no time at all we had reached the house.

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