At the door was a young boy, about my age, with short black hair. He walked in and then his eyes met my gaze. His dark brown eyes were staring at me. After a long minute, his eyes left my face and he fell on his knees onto the floor. Before I could figure out what was happening, Tom and Matthew were by the boys side and helped him up. “In the kitchen now!” Tom said to the young boy. As he walked to the kitchen, the boys eyes never left my face until he was in the other room. I looked at Alex and Dean. “Great.” Dean mumbled under his breath. Mia came and stood by my side. “Don’t worry.” she told me. I touched her arm and then something must have happened. Mia stood frozen and then turned to face me. “How did you do that?” She gasped. “Do what?” I asked confused. “I saw you, as a human! You were walking in the woods. Then……….” she didn’t continue. I figured out what she saw. “that was the night I was changed. How did you see that?” I was really confused. “When did u start to see it?” Alex asked. “when she touched me. But we have seen other vampires with supernatural talents haven’t we! Maybe Morgan has a talent!” Mia said. “Morgan, touch me and I will see if I see anything.” Dean said. Layla wasn’t interested in our little discovery and went into the kitchen. I moved towards Dean and touched his arm. He gasped. “I saw something! I saw you but not in the forest. It was in a small field. You were walking with another girl.” I knew what he saw. It was the first time I met my friend, Chloe. She was kind to me and was always caring about me. Tom walked back in with Matthew, Layla and the boy. This time he wasn’t staring at me. “What’s wrong?” I asked. “Nothing, Michael here was just feeling a little sick.” said Tom. “Morgan, you need a place to stay. Even though you’re a vampire” he was saying the word at Michael, “you still need a home.” “Where can I stay? I’m a vampire and I could easily turn on you like some of you think!” I shouted. Anger was building up inside me so I ran outside. The boy, Michael, walked out. “You can stay at mine!” he said to me. I slowly turned around. “You don’t even know me!” I shouted at him. “And I’m not having another person staying at our house, Michael. We already have Aunt May and Jack. And don’t forget that Abbie is staying a few nights!” said Layla. She turned to me. “Sorry Morgan.” She said. “It’s ok. I will find a home.” I said and walked off. I heard footsteps behind me. “Wait! I wanna tell you something!” Shouted Michael.

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