After our hunting trip, me, Alex and Dean travelled back to the small house I awoke in. The burning in my throat had cooled down for now so I was OK to meet the pack properly. We walked back to the house in silence as Alex and Dean were still in their wolf forms. When we finally reached the house, 4 people were sat in the tiny front room. As I walked in, a girl with shoulder length blonde hair walked up to me. “Hello, you must be Morgan. I’m Mia!” She said, giving me a hug. Then another girl with shoulder length black hair walked up to me. “Hi. I’m Layla.” she said hugging me. There was 2 men left. I already knew 1 of them. It was Tom, the one who had brought me in from the forest. A tall, brown haired boy walked up to me. “I’m Matthew, but I get called Matt.” I knew everyone in the room now. “So, did you catch anything?” Tom asked. I knew he was on about my hunting trip so I nodded. “Good, we don’t want you to loose control.” he replied. I frowned, it upset me when people thought I would loose my control. “I thought newborns didn’t have control.” Matthew whispered to Tom. Newborn? “What’s a newborn?” I asked Alex. He turned to face me. “It’s a new vampire.” he replied. So I was a newborn. “what did he mean when he said he thought newborns didn’t have control?” I asked. “Well, most newborns don’t have much control and they go hunting for blood. Not animal blood like you drink, but they kill humans.” he told me. Oh. They thought I was gonna have no control and attack humans. “Don’t worry about it Morgan. Your different, you have control unlike some. I don’t think you would kill anyone.” Dean whispered in my ear. At least Alex and Dean didn’t think I would loose control and kill the whole town. There was a quite knock at the door.

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