I was burning! That was all I knew. Every cell in my body was on fire! I hadn’t taken notice of where I was going, I just walked. And now I was dead. It was obvious! How could I survive being on fire! In the midst of all the burning I heard several voices. One was a man. The others were young children, maybe teenagers. The voices grew nearer. I wanted to scream for help but my throat was being attacked by burning. Suddenly a voice screamed for help for me. Then a boiling hot body raised me from where I sat and carried me to a mystery place. The group was mumbling between themselves. “What if she can’t survive?” One voice said. I stayed still, I knew they thought I was unconscious. I listened to there conversation. “we will try everything. We protect humans.” the man said in a low voice.I was laid down on a soft bed. I waited until someone talked. It went quiet so I moved my arm to see if there was any reaction. There was. The man I heard before spoke. “she’s waking up!” I decided that because they knew I was waking up I would wake up. I scrunched my eyes then opened them. Then it was dead silence. I sat up, wanting to see what they were all being quiet about. “But……….” said a quiet voice, he was cut off. “Vampire.” said the man. Everyone’s eyes turned to look at me. I stared back, wondering what was wrong. Vampire? Why did he say vampire? I was really confused now. “She needs to hunt before she tries to kill one of us!” he said. “why would I try to kill one of you?” I asked. My voice surprised me. It was like a singing voice. Everyone started staring at me again. I frowned. “what?” I asked. The man walked towards me. “I know this is shocking but you’re a vampire.” I froze as he said the words.

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