All i hear is typing and blah blah blah blah blah in my head. All i see is the words coming out on the screen and my glasses being fogged and smeared. All i feel is my legs being uncomfterble by siting crossleged. Wow i wonder if thats how Bella felt doing homework all ngith long, well except glasses anyway. Right now i couldnt care less but i AM bored. Im just typing this for something to do so don't bother reading ( wait i might type somethin funny )..... well If i do something it may as well be comparing (wow math or reading er whatev). So maybe bella? um we both have brown hair, my eyes are sometimes brown (depends on the lighting). Some things we arnt alike- My hair is at my shoulders not waist, im not as thin as bella (im NOT fat though), I dont know any vampires, im not as old.... hmmm were diff but in quizes im just like her. Well i didnt say anything funny (i think) so ill just be bored. BYE!!!!!!!!!

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