Ever noticed how ridiculously cheerful Aro is? I've always thought Aro would come up with ridiculous ideas of activities for the volturi to do (blame fanfiction) like creating a fashion label. Or starting a band. Or giving the castle a paint job. Caius and Jane wouldn't be very thrilled about them of course, Marcus would be bored and every now and then,a few of the guard will be very excited and think up more ridiculous ideas. Mostly this guard member would be Felix. Because I imagine him to be a lot like Emmett. Again,blame fanfiction.

Since we don't know much about the volturi's actual personaities, what they do in their spare time and we only really know that they're sadistic vampire royalty, what do you imagine their personalties to be like?Apart from what we know. I don't think they just work all the time. I imagine Heidi to be a bit like Rosalie. Felix to be like Emmett. Jane and alec would love pulling pranks on people,colouring Heidi's hair green for example. Demetri to be a little like Jasper, and would be Best buddies with Felix. He would still of course call Felix a major idiot who tends to be childish a lot. So yeah stuf like that. And they would all come together in the feeding room and drink their human What's your take on the volturi guard?

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