I am a massive Twilight fan. I have been for ages. AND THEN I DISCOVERED THIS WIKI! I feel quite pleased with myself.

Anyway, here are a few things you should know about me:

I am total Team Jacob.

I think that Renesmee is possibly the weirdest name I've ever heard.

I believe that Bella should've stayed with Jacob.

I think that Aro is a total jerk.

Ditto Irina.

I imagine Garret with a hippie ponytail. Don't ask why.

One of my friends looks like Alice Cullen

Apparently, the character I'm most like is Alice

I would like to imagine my future boyfriend as Taylor Lautner (never gonna happen but a gu=irl can hope!)

I have a really weird username....But anyway, hi!

I hope that I can make some friends here, because I totally love this place.

I think I covered it all there.


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